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27 02 2007

21st Century Boys – Chapter 7 RAW Uploaded by oruga_xxx. Enjoy it!!!

Air Gear ch 133 by Sleeping Forest
Air Gear ch 134 by Sleeping Forest
Air Gear ch 156 RAW

Alive ch 12 (Sendspace)

Berserk Volume 1-32 uploaded by maxi, have phun! 🙂

Biomega ch 20 RAW

Blade of the Immortal v16 by Manga-Sketchbook

Bleach ch 264 by Maximum 7 (Rapidshare)
Bleach ch 264 by Maximum 7 (Sendspace)

GantZ ch 245 RAW

Pluto Volume 05 by Manga Screener

Seikon no Quasar ch 1-5 RAW

Sidoh ch 11 by Yanime

Superior ch 1 by Snow Kiss

Unbalance X Unbalance ch 32 by KMTS
Unbalance X Unbalance Volume 04 by KMTS

What a Wonderful World ch 4 by Kotonoha

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5 03 2007

its a bit late, but for those who havent read Superior, its work a look. It was surprisingly as funny as it was filled with action, and story.

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