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3 03 2007

XS Volume 01 by Manga Underground Enjoy this release! *SEED AS LONG AS YA CAN!*
Mirrors: MU | RS | SS | MF | MD (by Reactive)
(*)More info about the series here

Bleach ch 265 by Cez & Kokotas

Gantz ch 245
Gantz ch 245 by Phase3

Bleach ch 265 RAW LQ
Bleach ch 265 by M7

Me Teru No Kimochi 17 by LONGBJS
Me Teru No Kimochi 18 by LONGBJS

Naruto ch 344 by Cez & Kokotas

One Piece ch 446 by Cez & Kokotas
One Piece ch 447 by Cez & Kokotas

Who Fighter with Heart of Darkness v01 by Manga-Sketchbook

Ãœbel Blatt ch 1 by Sushi Bar Manga

Ãœbel Blatt Vol. 00 RAW
Ãœbel Blatt Vol. 01 RAW
Ãœbel Blatt Vol. 02 RAW
Ãœbel Blatt Vol. 03 RAW
Ãœbel Blatt Vol. 04 RAW
THX @ RebelsOfLelouch 4 the upload

~ Mr.Phil, Reactive, silverado, Senbonzakura, maxi, Arkaniet, myClint ~




11 responses

3 03 2007

You’re so greeeatttt !
I waited so long for this one.
thx !

3 03 2007

Thanks for a great Volume!

3 03 2007

great work guys… looking forward for the next release… rock on… peace…

3 03 2007

nice work. that was pretty rockin. cant wait for the next chapter.

3 03 2007

good stuff, really interesting so far. Was wondering how old of a series is this? And if so maybe there is a anime in the works…

3 03 2007

vol1 was published 2003 in Korea
XS is completed after 5 volumes and afaik the artist is currently working on “Until Death do us Part”
I’m afraid i havn’t heard any plans to animate one of them.

4 03 2007

ah thx, also thats cool that XS is by the same guy who is writing Until Death because I noticed alot of similarities in drawing style, so my hunch was right.

I wouldnt mind seeing either XS or Until Death as an anime, but XS seems like a better candidate.

4 03 2007

I’m amazed. Awesome serie so far. Can’t wait to get my hands on the 2nd volume.

Thanks for the release MU, and you can be sure I’ll seed it for while. Almost at 50 ratio :]

Thanks again,

4 03 2007

Ãœbel Blatt greate manga !! im waiting for more realise

5 03 2007
8 03 2007

Anybody who likes the story of XS-Hybrid should read Sleeper Code by Tom Sniegoski, the stories are… eerily similar. Read the summary online.

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