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7 03 2007

XS vol2 ch 8 by MU Torrent
Mirrors MU | SS | RS

21st Century Boys – Chapter 8 RAW Uploaded by oruga_xxx. Enjoy it!!!

Air Gear vol 16 ch 135 by Sleeping Forest
Air Gear ch 157 RAW

Bleach ch 266 RAW
Bleach Scanlation Mirrors:

Bleach ch 266 by des
Bleach ch 266 by #blood-scanlations

Me Teru No Kimochi 21 RAW

Naruto ch 345 RAW
Naruto Scanlations Mirrors:

Naruto ch 345 by des
Naruto ch 345 by silent

Pluto ch 40 RAW

Team Medical Dargon v4 ch 29-30 by NexGear

Tough 2 chap172 RAW
Tough 2 chap171 RAW
Tough 2 chap170 RAW
Tough 2 chap169 RAW
Tough 2 chap168 RAW
Tough 2 chap167 RAW
Tough 2 chap166 RAW
Thx to Emmerson (ritual scanforge)…

UnbalanceX2 ch 33 by KMTS

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9 responses

7 03 2007

YEAH!, new UxU
but caution: ends at a cliffhanger, if u wanna be able to sleep better wait for the nxt chapter ^^^^

8 03 2007

Oh man, what a cliffhanger…
I think I’m not able to sleep today^^
“Take her skirt off”… can’t wait for the next UXU chapter too 😀

8 03 2007

just that cover makes me drool xD
so many new promising mangas!
We need more of them!
Great thanks to every scanlation group for their hard work!

8 03 2007

Wher can I download previous chapters or volumes of UxU?

8 03 2007
9 03 2007
Mister Phil

All downloads of the Manga archive are avaible from friday-sunday!

10 03 2007

Why am I not in the rants page? *feels like an outsider* ^^
And please take “funpage_04” out. That’s just not right and not a bit funny! I’m sure many readers would find it either sick or unacceptable.

10 03 2007

thx you two

11 03 2007

Excuse me erm isit ok if you just post the cover instead of whats in the chapter, because it just ruins it for me when i read. i know whats coming up, if you know what i mean…thx alot!

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