Weekend Update

17 03 2007

Solanin* Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Ch5 Ch6 by Entropy
*by the same author of Nijigahara Holograph and What a Wonderful World

Air Gear ch 136 by Sleeping Forest

Bleach ch 267 RAW
Bleach ch 267 by #blood-scanlations

Eyeshield 21 – 225th Down RAW
Eyeshield 21 – 225th Down by Daryl @ RS
Eyeshield 21 – 225th Down by Daryl @ GS

Glaucos ch 3 by Nibo – Mirror: blubbblubb.net manga distro

Full Metal Alchemist ch 69 RAW
Full Metal Alchemist ch 69 by ddadain Mirror
Full Metal Alchemist ch 69 by Guerrieri Universal Manga

Naruto ch 346 RAW
Naruto ch 346 by des Mirror
Naruto ch 346 by Silent

Shin Angyo Onshi vol10 ch18b by ETC – Mirror: blubbblubb.net manga distro

Vagabond vol24 by Manga-Sketchbook

~ Daryl, Reactive, KingFish ~




7 responses

18 03 2007

Thanks for Solanin! The manga is just amazing! Highly recommended!

18 03 2007

you’re welcome Daryl 🙂

19 03 2007

Why don’t I have the permission to access any chapter of Sleeping Forest on this site ??

20 03 2007

Because downloads are only available from Friday to Sunday. You have to wait!

20 03 2007

Yet some guys I know have tried and it worked. It seems that I’m banned, and I don’t know why. Great site anyway ^^

20 03 2007

So Friday to Sunday…. which country? GMT?

20 03 2007

Every country. World-wide. We open the account from Friday to Sunday only!
Are you sure your friends downloaded at the same day as you did? We never actually banned anyone (as far as I can remember).

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