Death Note Movie 2 – The Last Name

19 03 2007

Death Note Movie 2 English !!!! Powered by Anime Sensei Visit those guys!

Bleach 119 by DB

Code Geass 20 by GG


Code Geass 13 by Shinshen-Subs
Code Geass 12 by Shinshen-Subs
Code Geass 11 by Shinshen-Subs

D.Gray-Man 24 by Order

Death Note 22 by Animanda

Naruto Shippuuden 005 by DB

Pumpkin Scissors 24 by Eclipse[h264 1024×576]
Pumpkin Scissors 24 by Eclipse[h264]
Pumpkin Scissors 24 by Eclipse[XviD]

Ah, and btw, here’s something that may interest you

Bleach Calendar 2007 Upload by Reactive ^^

Courtesy of (Visit!)

~ Itachi, Senbonzakura, Reactive ~




3 responses

18 03 2007

[Your Mom] fansubs just released Code Geass episode 21 (complete with a faaaaaaaat pizza)! It’s currently available on BitTorrent or… If you prefer, I have found a direct download link on MegaUpload.



22 03 2007

I was wondering if I should upload Death Note + The Last Name. Do you guys have any interest in that?

28 03 2007

I really do….. but pleases not in megaupload. i prefer rapidshare and direct-and-resumable download…

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