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24 03 2007

Manga Underground is recruiting editors for XS!
Requirements: extended knowledge in Photoshop.
You can check your skills here

test page 1 -> afterwards cleaned page 1 (medium quality

Send us your cleaned version including your ICQ or MSN unique
and become a proudly mu member!

20th century boys v22 ch005 by Manga-Heaven(rs link)
20th century boys v22 ch005 by Manga-Heaven(ss link)

Agharta vol8 ch 63-64 by Manga-Sketchbook (thx to yal)

Air Gear 159 RAW
Air Gear 158 RAW
Thnx to Soultaker7 and SaiST

Blood Alone vol1-2 by Manga-Sketchbook

Full Metal Alchemist ch 69 by TMI Scans

Hajime no Ippo ch 767 by Ignition One (rs link)
Hajime no Ippo ch 767 by Ignition One (ss link)

Kamen no MAID-GUY Volume 1 RAW
Kamen no MAID-GUY Volume 2 RAW

Kotonoha Oneshot Mega Package:
A Room of Clouds
Always Together
Boiling Head
Dead Flowers
Extracurricular Lessons
Giri no Vacance
Hoppies Bear
My Mysterious Girlfriend X
Princess Mimia
She Got Off the Bus at the Peninsula
The Cooler Half
Violet Blossoms

Me Teru No Kinochi ch 19
thx to Morten

My Balls ch 5 thx to Zin (check his website !)

One Piece ch 439 by KEFI-Null (rs link)
One Piece ch 439 by KEFI-Null (ss link)

Pluto ch 40 by Mangascreener

Real vol 6 RAW

Tenjo Tenge ch 103 RAW

Ubel Blatt v00 extra by SBM (rs link)
Ubel_Blatt_v00_Extra_SBM_.rar”>Ubel Blatt v00 extra by SBM (ss link)
Ãœbel Blatt ch 36-47 RAW by RebelsofLeloch thx man! silv

Until Death Do Us Part vol 3 RAW
Until Death Do Us Part vol 4 RAW
Until Death Do Us Part vol 5 ch33 ch34 ch35 ch36 ch37 ch38

~ Mr. Phil, myClint, Reactive, Senbonzakura, Silv ~




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25 03 2007

I was just going to add this series ^^

25 03 2007

For a moment, I could have sworn that Blood Alone was drawn by Yu Aida of Gunslinger Girl fame. The art, the format, the atmosphere… Not exactly identical (sharper angles for the jaws) but I wouldn’t be suprised if Henrietta & Co. would suddenly pop out of nowhere and and blast the living daylights out or the vamps either. I’m also getting Giuseppe-Henrietta vibes from the main characters.

25 03 2007

Hello, fellow people and patrons of MU!

As promised, I located a few chapters of Ubel Blatt RAWS. I uploaded chapters 36-47 onto Badongo for your viewing pleasure. XD

Chapter 36 picks up right after volume 4 ends, with chapter 47 being the latest available chapter.

The link is as follows:

Have a great day!

25 03 2007

could u put them in zip

26 03 2007

Anyone have a link for the first chapter of Masquerade MAID-GUY (Kamen no Maid Guy) from Plum City? I have the first two volumes RAW in exchange.

26 03 2007

Upload the raws somewhere and post it here. In return I’ll post Masquerade ch 01 here


26 03 2007

Alright there we go,

26 03 2007

Is it possible do upload Ubell blatt to some other site – not badongo ? since there are lot’s of limits on conections , and even ppl from UE can’t dl from it … i’m waiting for 30 min and still no free connection ( i think there are small limits for some countries – same as on megaupload )
Either way thx for the uplaods

26 03 2007

And yeah megaupload is also bad as i said in the previous post …
i know i’m beeing a bother , but both of thoose sites are not to good
Badongo used to be cool about a tear ago …

26 03 2007

I’ll see if I can upload Ubel Blatt RAWS onto SendSpace or Rapidshare. (I personally dislike RS though…)

27 03 2007

As mentioned in the shoutbox, I uploaded the Ubel Blatt RAWS onto SendSpace as well. In the future, I’ll be posting the RAWS on Badongo, since I can keep track of the links better on that website. If there are any problems, I’ll reupload them onto SendSpace as well.

Without further ado, the link is below:

27 03 2007

thx sendspace is much better , it works fine for me at least , while badongo doesn’t have enough connections and megaupload doesn’t work at all since it has limits for all non us countries , and redirects to other sites
Big thx for taking the time to upload it

31 03 2007
Mister Phil

Hey ANONYMOUS, or whatever…
thx for the link
You made my day !!!

Mr Phil

25 07 2007

Thank you for real Raws

if you have any more, please upload it

31 07 2007

if it’s just keeping track of uploads you’re worried about, mediafire does that pretty well too. No waits on downloads plus unlimited connections.

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