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28 03 2007

Bleach 120 by DB

D.Gray-Man 25 by Order

Death Note 23 by Animanda

Naruto Shippuuden 006-007 by DB

Sci-Fi Harry 1-20 (complete)by Shinsen.Subs
Short story: Harry is definitely not your average American teenager. Instead, he is the epitome of an “alienated youth” – friendless at school, extremely weird and nervous to the point of paranoia. But a chance occurrence causes Harry to start to demonstrate what appear to be psychic powers – yet he neither believes in them nor consciously controls them.
But there are other ominous forces at work who do believe in Harry, and attempt to make use of him in ways that are threatening and frightful.
Genres: Drama, Horror

Adapted by Anidb.net

~Arkaniet, Itachi, Senbonzakura~




4 responses

28 03 2007

sci-fi harry was pretty cool. Suppodesly there is a movie. I want to see it.

29 03 2007

Eh. It is rather boring and the art doesn’t really help it any.

30 03 2007

WTF is up with the ending of SciFi Harry? And where can I get the manga? It sounds like the manga storyline divers from the anime at some point, like FMA

7 04 2007
Henry Spencer

Great anime. Psychological anime ftw!

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