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9 04 2007

Glaucos ch 5 by Nibo

Air Gear ch 139 by Sleeping forest

Angel Heart v09c089 by Evil-Genius

Bleach ch 270 by M7

Biomega v02c020 by Evil-Genius

’cause some of you have asked, and it was released some days ago:
Claymore Vol 7 RAW
Claymore Vol 8 RAW
Claymore Vol 9 RAW
Claymore Vol 10 RAW
Claymore Vol 11 RAW
Claymore ch 64-71 RAw

GantZ ch 247 RAW
Gantz ch 247 by SHOCWAVE
GantZ ch 238-246 HQ by SHOCWAVE Check it out, all HQ !!!
GantZ vol20 HQ by SHOCWAVE
GantZ vol19 HQ by SHOCWAVE

NHK v07c033-035 by Evil-Genius
NHK v08c036 by Evil-Genius

Unbalance X Unbalance ch 35 by KMTS

Vagabond ch 227 by Strays

What A Wonderful World – Chapters 4, 5, 6 & 7 by Kotonoha

Zetman v07c072 by Evil-Genius

~ Daryl, Mr Phil, Reactive, Silverado,Arkaniet ~




6 responses

9 04 2007

I see pictures of Zetman but no links to it?? THANK YOU !!! YEAHHH!! I tho zetman was gone.

10 04 2007

anyone watch the black donnelys

10 04 2007
Mr Phil

For the Gantz fan,
SHOCKWAVE is back on track again !!!
vol19, 20 and soon 21 !!!
Check it here

11 04 2007

hello ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you kindly for Air gear 160 Raw ^__^


12 04 2007

Added Gantz ch 247!!!!
And some Claymore Raws, hope they are working O.o

17 04 2007

sadly the clamore links arent working:

Error: File not found

No file has been found with that ID!

is what i get when i click the link also cant find the clamore scans with the serach function on the datorrents site

can someone give me a tip where i could get clamore vol 10-11+ raws? i am really really looking for them ๐Ÿ™‚

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