April Anime Update part 2

12 04 2007

’cause of some difficulties I couldn’t update the last Anime update ^^” Sry ’bout that…
HDTV is in comming, many groups are only encoding in HD so it’s kinda modern to use them for the updates, if some of u wan’t a LQ Version of the releases, leave a comment. I’m trying my best to find them but I don’t rly wan’t to, if they aren’t used.
BTW 1280×720 will be called 720p from now on, ’cause it’s called that way, now It’s said so don’t misunderstand it the next time u see it.

Romeo X Juliet by Umai

Busou Renkin 1-26 (Complete) by Kyuu I rly enjoyed this Anime O.o
Bleach 121 by DB New Op & ED >.Death Note 26 (1024×576 H264) by Kuro-Hana
Inuyasha 1-167 (complete) I rly liked it O.o

Claymore 2 (Xvid) by Eclipse
Claymore 2 (H264) by Eclipse

Darker Than Black 1 (Xvid) by Mishicorp
Darker Than Black 1 (720p H264) by Mishicorp
Darker Than Black 2 (Xvid) by Mishicorp
Darker Than Black 2 (720p H264) by Mishicorp
Looks interesting, Great Animations

Also SHS has released their version oF Darker Than Black
Darker Than Black 01 by SHS (XviD)
Darker Than Black 01 by SHS (h264)

D.Gray-Man 27 by Order (XviD)
D.Gray-Man 27 by Order (h264)

Gurren Lagann 1 (720p) by Nyoro~n
Gurren Lagann 2 (720p X264) by Nyoro~n Lindus
New Gainax Anime, it’s as disturbing as FLCL but still kicks ass!

Hayate no Gotoku 1(Xvid) by SS-Eclipse
Hayate no Gotoku 1 (720p H264) by SS-Eclipse
Hayate no Gotoku 2 (Xvid) by SS-Eclipse
Hayate no Gotoku 2 (720p H264) by SS-Eclipse
Hayate no Gotoku 3 (Xvid) by SS-Eclipse
Hayate no Gotoku 3 (720p H264) by SS-Eclipse
Well, I think that THIS will be the Comedy Anime No1 for this season, ’cause I could laugh 24 minutes non stop. Ya gotta try this!!! It’s as funny as hell!

Naruto 08-09 by DB

Seirei no Moribito 1 by A-Kraze
Haven’t seen such beautiful Artworks since Mushishi, The story about a female bodyguard sounds interesting too.

~Arkaniet, Senbonzakura~




13 responses

12 04 2007

I would greatly appreciate it if can you still publish 480p versions of anime (if you can find it ofcourse). There are a lot of people with legacy hardware who cannot playback 720p content well on their PC (or in my case my XBOX (XBMC)) without dropping frames.

Thx in advance

12 04 2007

Gurren Lagann RULEZZZZZ !!!!!! and KICK ASS !!!!! i want more episode 😀

12 04 2007

You’re damn right!!! It’s awesome >.< wanna have more more more >.< I'm giving my best to get the links as fast as I can when the next episode is released!!!

13 04 2007

Wow. Thanx Arkaniet & Senbonzakura! Awesome updates. I’m not really a big anime fan at all, but I will give Seirei no Moribito, Hayate no Gotoku!, and Darker than Black a chance. 🙂

13 04 2007

the subtitles for gurren lagann are ttttooo big!!! am i the only one having this problem? other than i love it!!

14 04 2007

Darker than black is REALLY good…I hope you’ll give us more 🙂

15 04 2007

the subtitles for gurren lagann are huge anyway of making them smaller

15 04 2007

ive got the same problem with the subtitles being too big. would appreciate it if anyone knows a way to make it smaller! gurren lagaan is looking to be a pretty awesome anime!

15 04 2007

Hmmm I’m using CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) with Zoomplayer, you may try that one. I don’t have any problems with the subtitles so I think that’ll work.

15 04 2007

Use it, btw Episode 2 of Gurren Lagann is online ^^”
Sry 4 the late update, I was busy over the weekend T_T

15 04 2007
Guillaume Jagger

Darker Than Black
Gurren Lagann
Hayate no Gotoku

Three totally different show that are all made of awesome, each in it’s own way.

I’ll need to try Claymore next

16 04 2007

Ya gotta take a look @claymore it’s worth the watch.
Darker than Black 2 (Xvid) added
Still have ta watch it lol ^^” didn’t even watch Ep 1 ^^” just did the screencap… is it good?

16 04 2007

Gurren Lagann….looked good till it turned out to be something like gundam….the instant that happened i just stopped watching. I hate those kind of shows….they’re annoying to me. The other shows were pretty good tho ^.^

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