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12 04 2007

We’ve decided to move the Manga Archive and look for a new webhost. If you can spare some of your traffic or know someone who can, write us an email including php version and traffic limit at

Every offer is helpful and appreciated! Work together and bring back
our beloved Manga Archive!

Worry not, the manga & anime updates are not affected by the downtime.
You can also register on our new forum to read more manga.





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12 04 2007

For free webhosting, there’s, and also, you should be eligible for both, seeing as you’re a scanlation group and a manga/anime related site.

13 04 2007

can you tell me the average bandwidth this manga archive use in one month ?
and how to limit the banwidth, I’ll think about sharing 1TB ( half of my bandwidth ) if my co-worker agree with me.However, we’ll only use about 10% of this host in next 6 month. But manga must be in .rar with protect pass (post in MUv2) and freaky filename ’cause our hosting don’t accept any kind of mature content. πŸ˜€

I hope It will help you a little bit …

13 04 2007

I forget, our host can use PHP ver 4 or 5, only access MySQL by command.
Don’t contact me in this E-mail if you can create a thread in forums. I’m flooded in spam mail :((

13 04 2007

If you can contact us over email using your private email including your msn, icq id.

Thanks a lot, foggy!

13 04 2007

ubel blatt vol.1 ch.2 has been out some time now, i was wondering if someone could upload it cuz please, i can’t use irc.

14 04 2007

I can help out probably. You know me πŸ˜‰ I’m more concerned about CPU usage rather than bandwidth (we have plenty to spare right now), so I’d need to check out your download script to see how you plan to transfer files and if it would put a big load on the server πŸ™‚

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