‘lil Anime Update

18 04 2007


Romeo X Juliet 2 by Umai

Bleach 122 by DB

Mahou has made there debout @ Claymore:
Claymore 1 (Xvid) by Mahou
Claymore 1 (1024×576 H264) by Mahou
Claymore 2 (Xvid) by Mahou
Claymore 2 (1024×576 H264) by Mahou
Wheeew yet another one he? I think I’ll use the eclipse versions first, and update the High Res version later. Or shall I update both releases? I Mean Eclipse’ll always be the fastet that’s for sure… well, write a comment!!

Claymore 3 (Xvid) by Eclipse
Claymore 3 (H264) by Eclipse

D.Gray-man 28 (Xvid) by Order
D.Gray-man 28 (H264) by Order

Death Note 27 (Xvid) by Kuro-Hana

Gurren Lagann 1 (Xvid) by Nyoro~n Subs
Gurren Lagann 2 (Xvid) by Nyoro~n Subs
Gurren Lagann 2 (720p H264) by Nyoro~n Subs Lindus
Gurren Lagann 3 (Xvid) by Nyoro~n Subs
Gurren Lagann 3 (720p H264) by Nyoro~n Subs

Kekkaishi 16 (Xvid) by Yoroshiku
Kekkaishi 16 (1024×576 H264) by Yoroshiku

Some batches of Animes:
Ouran Host Club 1-26 by Lunar I freakin’ loved it >.Kekkaishi 1-15 (Xvid) by Yoroshiku
Kekkaishi 1-15 (1024×576 H264) by Yoroshiku That Anime’s still going and worth a watch!
Peace maker Kurogane 1-24 (DivX and H264) by a4e It’s a HQ encode, enjoy!
Samurai 7 1-26 by KAA It’s a HQ Encode by the worlds greatest encode group!
Naruto Complete Edition + 2 Movies + 1-4 Shippuuden over 42 gig’s of Naruto




4 responses

18 04 2007

Re: Claymore – well we’re definitely being spoiled again by Mahou and Eclipse once again going head-to-head (Fate SN was the last time it happened I think). There’s usually nothing to choose between these two top-grade groups except personal preference, but I think Mahou have edged it with their higher-res release (mind you, eclipse will probably go and do the same now). I just checked the Mahou HR version and it’s very good, as expected, though I’m not entirely sure it’s from a genuine HD source – either way it looks nice at the higher res. so I’ll be using theirs from now.

20 04 2007

Naruto shippuuden 010 is out subbed by dattebayo. http://yhbt.mine.nu/

21 04 2007

I might grill the next person who says naruto is out!

22 04 2007

eclipse did say there was no hd of claymore

so i’m guessing it’s upscaled or something

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