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21 04 2007

XS ch 14 + omake by Manga Underground
Mirrors: MU|SS|RS

Air Gear Vol16 chap 142 by KUU (ex Sleeping forest)

Beck Volume 1-28 by Various

Bestia ch 1-3 by Plumcity & MD-SD

Biomega ch 21 RAW

Eden Volume 13 ch 86 by Manga Underground
Eden Volume 13 ch 85 by Manga Underground
Eden Volume 13 ch 84 by Manga Underground
Eden Volume 1-12 by Various | Mirror 1

Genshiken vol1-8 by M-S

Glaucos ch 06 by Nibo

Hajime no Ippo ch 770 RAW

Hotman ch 105 by Null

Me-Teru Kimochi ch 24 RAW

Seikon no Quasar ch 2 by Plumcity | Mirror 1
Seikon no Quasar v01 HQ RAW | Mirror 1

Shamo ch178 Vol18 by M-S

Shamo ch177 Vol17 by M-S
Shamo ch176 Vol17 by M-S
Shamo ch175 Vol17 by M-S

Shin Angyo Onshi ch 20 Part 4 by ETC

Vagabond ch229 by Strays
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5 responses

22 04 2007

Thanks for yet another quality release of XS. Great serie so far, can’t wait to see more development in the story. There is too many questions unanswered.

Thank you,

22 04 2007

Hey guys,

Can u please put a mirror of Seikon no Quasar, because I want to read it, but for misfortune I can’t download from MegaUpload.

23 04 2007

Thanks a lot!

Good job running this place 🙂


23 04 2007

hmm :/

25 04 2007

cliffhanger omg

I need to know what happens next in Bestia xD

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