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8 05 2007

Jyouoo Volume 1-7 RAW Thx to deathwisher!

Eden ch 88 by Manga Underground RS |SS

Trigger: !eden & /ctcp MUArchive eden

Claymore Volume 11 by 10sigh

Chevalier ch 03 by Strays
King of Thorns ch 20 by Strays
Vagabond ch 230 by Strays

Unbalance X Unbalance ch 38 by KMTS

Rosario + Vampire 1-8 RAW

Aiki Volume 01-03 RAW Torrent
Aiki Volume 04 RAW *THX to dumber

Cupid No Itazura Nijidama Volume 01-07 Complete RAW TORRENT

Ares ch 84 by Nibo

Claymore Volume 10 by 10sigh
Claymore Volume 09 by 10sigh

~ Reactive, silverado, BoneCraKeR ~




21 responses

8 05 2007

let me be the first to say, thanks for claymore 9!

8 05 2007

Then let me be the second one to say, thanks for Claymore 9!

8 05 2007

If you want to thank him, go to Although I’m not sure if he cares.

8 05 2007

Hmm for ppl interested you can get vol 07,08 of rosario on lurk,
Silverado will you be uplaoding Kyoko Karasuma vol 01 to manga archive ??

9 05 2007

gyus, do you know something about this – ?

No one translated it (I founded raw and it looks nice)

9 05 2007

Claymore vol.10? W00T! That was fast…

Thanks 😀

9 05 2007

No kidding. What’s going on? o.O Don’t wanna go to his site so I just thank him here for his quick work. =)

9 05 2007

Thank you! Thank you so much for Claymore 10, I’m shocked at the speed at which it comes out and thank you ever so much for translating it! *hugs*

9 05 2007

Oh Yeah
lots and lots of Claymore for me

9 05 2007

I like claymore and I like blood so it is a win-win situation

Fast releases whoa… don’t work too hard

thanks thanks thanks

9 05 2007

thanks for the claymore volumes !! u rock =)

9 05 2007

>Thank you so much for Claymore 10, I’m shocked at the speed at which it comes out

Yeah, it makes you wonder if the translators have also been injecting themselves with Yoma DNA or something.

Clare -> quicksword
10sigh -> quicktranslate

or something. Anyway, Claymore’s probably the best thing in action manga since Tsutomu Nihei’s Blame!.

10 05 2007

Ahaha, very true, Twerp! These guys are speed demons…and for the speed of release there’s not a very huge loss in quality either! Good stuff.

10 05 2007

Claymore vol11 settles it: these guys couldn’t be human.

10 05 2007

Clay… Claymore 11! It can’t be! 10sigh made a deal with the devil!

11 05 2007

Claymore 11, huh? That’s gotta create a serious case of the hands cramps. Holy-unhuman speed!

11 05 2007

What happened to Ares 83?

11 05 2007

Thanks a lot for translating volume 11 of claymore!! now my suffering will end (at least for my next fix lol)

13 05 2007

claymore is amazing! i haven’t seen an action series this good in a while. the first few vol were okay, and i thought it was just average…but it’s turning out to be more than that

13 05 2007

Does anyone know where i can get claymore volume 13 raw. I know the whole volume hasn’t been released, or so I have been told. But i know a few chapters of volume 13 have been released, and i got the first chapter of volume 13. So does anyone know where i can get those chapters. Thanx in advance.

13 05 2007

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