Weeend Manga Update!!!!

12 05 2007

Well, it’s been a while, so here we go!

After the double Jump issue and last weeks Jump’s absence here come the new week’s raws

Ares ch 83 by KMTS

Sekirei v04 RAW Torrent (a lil’ gift from Reactive)

Air Gear ch 164 RAW

Bleach ch 274 RAW HQ
Bleach ch 274 by kokotas

Blue Dragon ch 21 RAW

Claymore v13 ch 70-72 by 10sigh
Claymore Volume 12 by 10sigh
Claymore Volume 01-12 by M-S & 10sigh

D.Gray-Man ch 117 RAW

Eyeshield 21 ch232 RAW HQ

Mira Nikki ch 1 Part 1 by Lucifer
Mira Nikki ch 0 by Lucifer

Naruto ch 353 RAW HQ
Naruto ch 353 by NarutoBuzz

One Piece ch 455 RAW
One Piece ch 455 by OPHQ

Shin Angyo Onshi v13ch20g by ETC


SWWEEET ch 5 by Kotonoha

Ãœbelblatt Volume 1-4 RAW

Well, Njoy guys and gals! More updates later

~ Reactive, Senbonzakura, Itachi ~




16 responses

12 05 2007

yahooooo god bless week end!
1st 🙂

12 05 2007

10sigh actually did it…. They probably set some kind of record this week. 😀

12 05 2007

Ah, what a nice bunch of releases! And even the new Claymore! Most excellent!

12 05 2007

never seen a group done, what is it now 5-6 volume in so short time. Great work 10sigh

12 05 2007

Woot claymore vol. 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great for and many thanks 10sigh!

12 05 2007

Is 10sigh transediting Claymore? That would help explain why the releases are so fast.

12 05 2007

Yeah probably. He does it everything in one row.

12 05 2007

10sigh: an abyssal among scanslators.

12 05 2007

OMG, superb job! I hope they’re gonna translate up to chapter 72 as well.

13 05 2007

10sigh…..who is he? he came…he conqured …he swept us……wow i think his the single person doing one shot for claymore…..thank you 10sigh…thank you very much : )

14 05 2007

It would be funny though if 10sigh starts releasing chapters before the artist is even finishes the script.

Relativity, time dilation, and simultaneity FTW.

14 05 2007

Thank YOU for constantly linking us to these~ 😀 Yay for Claymore!

14 05 2007

i’ve been wondering..claymore is a montly release type of manga right?? so does that mean vol 13 is not complete vol 13 isit?? how does it work..hope some one knowlegbale will enlighten me hehe..thank you in advance

14 05 2007

c.70-72 only have 96 images. 3 chapters more to complete v.13.

14 05 2007

thanks darxiiindp…for the infor..: )…on the other note..im getting fedup with ppl being so selfish…..all u ppl out there who are *censored* stop asking 10sign to do other stuff…u all be better gratefull for what he’s been doing on claymore..do not ask for more…

17 05 2007

Just so every one knows Claymore in the US in Barnes and Nobles didnt even make it to vol.7, and the way 10sign is sending out claymore up to vol. 13, no one should be complaining. If so go learn japanese and read it ur self, and i dont know about u but it is not a walk in the park learning it. So we should all be very grateful to what he has and doing for us.

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