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18 05 2007

Ï€ v01-09 RAW Torrent

If you can’t open the archives rename the folders and files like [Ï€ v01-09 RAW] to [01-09]. (There is no border for dumbness)

*Ï€ is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to the diameter of the oppai (breast) which contains the word pai, the romanized form of pi in Japanese. It’s a story of a man obsessed with breasts.*

Battle Angel Alita – Bashaku AndoCrazyankan & Rippersanime

Hotman Volume 01-16 Complete RAW

Shin Angyo Onshi ch 20 Part 8 by ETC

Unhuman ch 1 by Remnant Warriors

XS v03 ch16+17 Torrent

Wolverine – Snikt (Nihei)





6 responses

19 05 2007

thanks for the releases! specially nihei’s take on wolverine…

19 05 2007

nihei, the BLAME! guy?

19 05 2007

uh fuck, thank you so much for the raw of Hotman, one of my favorite manga out there 😀

19 05 2007

Munsu and the King are kissing ughh!! xD

19 05 2007

>nihei, the BLAME! guy?
Yep. Unfortunately, it seems that he never really moved on after that since almost all of his later works make use of the same kind of protagonist.

>Munsu and the King are kissing ughh!! xD
Yeah, androgynous looks can be a bitch sometimes. Can’t tell who’s who.

19 05 2007

Hopefully its not the king lol

Thanks M-U 🙂

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