Manga Weekend Update

2 06 2007

It’s weekend again!

You know what? I spend hours cleaning the crappy Korean version! You better appreciate it XD!
Shin Angyo Onshi v15 RAW KOR
Shin Angyo Onshi v15 RAW JP

Pumpkin Scissors v07 RAW

Superior v02 RAW & Superior v03 RAW

Pluto ch 41 by MS
Pluto ch 42 by MS

Eden Volume 13 ch 84v2-90 by Manga Underground
Eden ch 114 RAW

Gantz ch 250(LQ) by yoniekai

Naruto ch 356 by bludshock

Bleach ch 277 by bludshock

One Piece ch 458 by bludshock

Shin Angyo Onshi ch 20 Part 10 by ETC

Tenjou Tenge ch 105 by Manga Translation

UxU ch 39 by KMTS

ID v 02 ch 1-7 by KMTS




9 responses

2 06 2007

thanks for eden and the other releases!

3 06 2007

Thanks for the pluto chapter. I realy appreciate the uploads.

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3 06 2007

Thanks! Eden was hell lota fun to work on! Get excited for our future releases with Illuminati-Manga!! Anyway, just wanted to leave a message to silv- and the whole MU Team. I’ll be gone the whole week so you have to do XS without me. 19 is DONE, get in the forum thread! I’ll work on chapter 20 as soon as I’m back. Take care..Daryl

3 06 2007

hf Daryl, nxt time send a mail to silv 😛

4 06 2007

good job with the SHin Angyo Onishi
if that was you i have to fuck you!!!!
you are god gracias

4 06 2007

Sigh… Hasnt been any claymore lately 😦 though you gott some good releases today.

4 06 2007

Thank you for the Shin Angyo Onshi raw! =D

4 06 2007

There’s no more Claymore because there isn’t any chapters to scanlate. Claymore is a monthly release.

5 06 2007

Thanks for the cleans, eden, and everything you do as the ultimate linkfest/host/manga-anime source! You are the best . . .

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