Weekly Manga Update

11 06 2007

Air Gear ch 168 RAW

Me Teru 28 RAW Last chap ?!?

Gantz chap 251 RAW worse RAW ever seen !!!
Gantz chap 251 by Narutobuzz

Our forum is back http://jcafe.devserver.org

Kyokutou Gakuen Tengoku Volume 01-04 Complete RAW

XS ch 19 by Manga Underground

Angel Densetsu ch75 by Manga-Sketchbook
(A hilarious comedy by the mangaka of Claymore, infos here.)

Bokurano ch 43 by MS
Bokurano ch 1-42 by MS

21st Century Boys v01 ch01 by Joufu Scans
21st Century Boys ch 11 RAW by oruga_xxx
Enjoy it!!! 🙂

AirGear ch 146 by Kuu

Bleach ch 278 by M7

Mirai Nikki ch 3 Part A by Lucifer

Kyoko Karasuma ch 2 by Nibo

UnbalanceX2 ch 40 by KMTS




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