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15 06 2007

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Manhole v01-03 RAW
-Same author as Duds Hunt and Reset

Bartender ch01-45 RAW

Air Gear ch147 by Kuu

SWEEET ch06 by Kotonoha

Kyoko Karasuma ch03 by Nibo

Blade of the Immortal ch114 by ggglhf
Blade of the Immortal ch115 by ggglhf

Hotman ch108 by Null
and for an older release: Hotman ch107 by Null

High School of the Dead ch1-10 by XLG

For alternative ddl links of some XS chapters go here



8 responses

15 06 2007

…please tell me that HstD screenshot is a joke page, and that it’s not the real translation.

15 06 2007

(changed the page)
nope it’s not but to get the “joke” u also have to read ch9😉

15 06 2007

Ah, wow, I just read it and it wasn’t a joke page after all. HSotD has such unusual characters…. And Busujima is reading Kierkegaard? Wacky.

17 06 2007

Bartender? Jackpot! I still hope we will be scanlating this series after XS.

19 06 2007


Bartender RAWs, all volume scans beyond chapter 45. Also, direct downloads.

30 06 2007

Waooo !

Viva M.U. v3 !!

I just find that you’ve moved.

30 06 2007

well it was more or less involuntary😉

5 07 2007

whats with the BOTI chapter/act numbers?
cos this isnt chapter 114&115!

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