A ‘Week-Wrap-Up’ Post

29 06 2007

Yeay, new site! Let’s hope that’ll keep us on and safe 24/7! Here are some mangas that were released during our offtime:

Darker than Black ch 1 by Bushido Angel Adventures

Aflame Inferno ch01 by Meep Scans

Azamaru ch01 by Esthétique

NHK ch37 by Evil Genius
Berserk ch286 by Evil Genius
Angel Heart ch094 by Evil Genius

Vagabond ch233 by Strays
My Balls ch08 by Strays
King of Thorns ch23 by Strays

Cesare ch5 by etc
Mirai Nikki ch3 Part B by Lucifer
Mirai Nikki ch4 by Lucifer
Air Gear ch149 & Air Gear ch150 & Air Gear ch151 by Kuu

~Invalent, Reactive~




2 responses

29 06 2007

welcome back! glad u guys are back up! 😀

29 06 2007

congrats for the reup of the website!

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