Anime … ugh … Weekend?

29 06 2007

Basically the site is up again and I’m allowed to post 😀
but i forgot what i posted on the old page
so I’ll post some random stuff 😀

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi – 34 by umai-Doremi
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi – 33 by umai-Doremi
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi – 32 by umai-Doremi
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi – 31 by umai-Doremi
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi – 30 by umai-Doremi
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi – 29 by umai-Doremi
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi – 28 by umai-Doremi
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi – 27 by umai-Doremi
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi – 26 by umai-Doremi
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi 01-25 BATCH by umai-Doremi

Claymore – 13(H264) by Eclipse
Claymore – 13(XviD) by Eclipse

Oh! Edo Rocket – 01(XviD) by Nyoro~n Subs
Oh! Edo Rocket – 01(MKV) by Nyoro~n Subs

Bleach – 131 by DB

Gurren Lagann 14 by BSS





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30 06 2007

I think you should remove the links on the right side of the site for the unregistered users….
Not only you give links to lic man , and anime but to other scanlators , and because of that soms stupid ppl attack, either way i think it would be best to require a little bit more from leechers who come to the site ( to register – and join forum )
Besides giys did you really ask all the other groups – if you can post links to their material …???
Best regards i hope this was the last attack

30 06 2007

hmm…? you think the people who attack attack them cus we list them?o_O
and why shouldn’t we be allowed to post links to their releases? ò_Ó

30 06 2007

By the way, someone messed up the About Us and the Releases links at the top of the page, on the header.

30 06 2007

yeah it’s really messed up cuz I’m not listed!!! ;D

30 06 2007

I just deleted some pages. Choke you can just add yourself, can you?

30 06 2007

nah too lazy 😀

30 06 2007

Or some fans of other- payper anime site – or payper manga site – thoose guys might attack you since you give stuff out for free
As for sites – and groups which work you host – most of scanlators who do lic stuff , and make only irc and some ddl sites releases – don’t want for everyone to host their stuff since – groups can have pronlems because of that – and ddos is the smallest of them – especially since you have huge traffic – and often ppl who don’t even know who did the releases – leech , and then burn some cd and sell on ebay f.e. – of course that doesn’t happen always – but it would be nice to ask for permission from groups on irc

30 06 2007

that would implie that with every release they would make every leecher has to ask for permission … if that’s the case you wouldn’t find any releases on tokyo tosho or in irc in the first place … afaik they only want you to not steal their bandwith …

30 06 2007

i said irc and some ddl not torrents – thoose are made to share the stuff – irc is often used especially to prevent from sharing releases on http with common acces
besides on tt and on some irc channels it’s the ppl from groups who upload their releases to bots , and trackers

I’m just saying that it would be NICE to ask for permission of sharing stuff from groups – just ask once if the yagree you can host links and ddl until they request you take them down – besides some groups had large problems bedause of some sites which hosted their releases without their knowledge – You wouldn’t want for groups to drop projects because of C&D leeters from publishers ???


30 06 2007

To Masger: We will comply if the scanlation group asks us to take their series down. But NOBODY has ever asked us to so. A lot of series has grown significantly in popularity due to our posts and linking (e.g. SAO, Ares, Ravages of Time) and some groups have agreed to host their series on our website. If they’re not content, they can just contact us.

Best regards,

5 07 2007

HELL yes,that’s what i was looking for.

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