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7 07 2007

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XS ch 20 by Manga Underground
Mirrors: DS MU RS

Kiseijuu Volume 1-9 by M-O(silv: It’s quite interesting!)

Birgit’s Dinner Oneshot by Manga Sketchbook

Pastel chp 79 by Dynasty Scans (They needed 14 volumes for a confession? How pathetic!)

Seirei no Moribito ch 1 by TMI-Scans

Psycho Busters ch 1a by The Little Corner
Psycho Busters ch 1b by The Little Corner

Highschool of the Dead ch 11 by Xamayon

Silvery Crow (Shirogane no Karasu) chp 1-6 RAWS

Dangu Volume 5 ch 32 by Teqq
Dangu Volume 1-4 ch 1-31 by Nexgear

Shin Angyo Onshi Volume 16 RAW HQ KOR thx to Jraw

Emerald Oneshot by Dragon Voice

Jormugand Volume 1-2 RAW

Bleach ch 282 by BS & BS

Naruto ch 361 by BS & BS

Sekirei ch 31 & 32 & 33 and 34, and 35 by Madocchi

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7 07 2007

Question:Has MU dropped eden?

sorry if this question bothers you silverado >__

7 07 2007

it’s on hold for another 2 weeks, most of our team has exams and life business or whatnot :D, so patience people πŸ˜‰

7 07 2007

OMG SAO v16 πŸ˜€ ownage, it reminds me a bit of LotR πŸ˜€

7 07 2007

noooo don’t spoil!! damn you, yanda!!!

7 07 2007

awww yeah SAO 16! Thank you GOD!

8 07 2007

Thank you so much for SAO volume 16! thank you heaps πŸ˜€ i hope translations would come out one day


8 07 2007

Hmm… Parasite? The legality version of Volume 1 is out in the US, I read it, it’s pretty cool, these aliens from space invade humans as hosts, and they take over their bodies, they can transform the body, ex: split the head into blades, turn the entire head into a giant mouth, etc. But the main character dude, before the parasite got to his brain, he tied a rope tight around his arm, and his parasite ended up as a failure, it only took over his right arm, it can talk too.

9 07 2007

thanks for parasite!!
parasite is def worth a read…
i started reading it about 7 or 8 yrs ago in korea but then forgot to keep reading it till the end.. thanks again!

10 07 2007

The chapter 61 or Parasite have been translated very recently though the manga finished in 2004. I hope they will translate the last chapters because it’s quite a good manga.

10 07 2007

Ok I saw on Gantz_Waitingroom that the last chapters have been translated, now it’s just a matter of time. Thx God I only see this manga now, I would be mad if I had to wait a whole year to see the end just for 4 chapters.

Anyway, Thx to M-U and Gantz_Waitingroom.

10 07 2007

There is a big black box on the right side. Do you see something called Kiseijuu ch 61?

10 07 2007

Yep I see it, already saw it when I was dling on Mediafire.

11 07 2007

I love Sekirei I want more
Where i can find it?

15 07 2007

Thanks for Shin Angyo Onshi! πŸ˜€

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