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17 07 2007


Hi guys! I’m looking for a server or webhost with ssh. If anyone of you got some bandwidth to burn and can help me out, write an email to

email THX!


hey people, BoneCraKeR from NIBO here hijacking this post ^^
Just to ask if any of you can translate Korean could u contact us? We would like one to focus mainly on Ares (to start working on it again *sigh*) and help the other translator if is ever asked to, Also if you have a project that you wanted to see scanlated we might give it a try.

So to contact us just go to the Forum and PM me, at irc #Nibo or at our website at the “Join Us” section

(hentai smile)

Lives ch 03 by Square Ocean

Bartender Volume 1-8 RAW (Mediafire mirror)

Aflame Inferno ch02 by Meep-Scans

Genshiken Volume 9 RAW

Seikon no Qwaser Volume 1-2 RAW

GeoBreeders Volume 1~12 (Complete) THX to Deathwisher

break blade
Break Blade Volume 1 RAW THX to Deathwisher

UnbalanceX2 Volume 6-7 RAW (thanks to ghost305)

Aiki Volume 1-4 RAW(Mediafire mirror)

Manhole Volume 1-3 RAW Complete (Mediafire mirror)

π Volume 1-9 RAW Complete (Mediafire mirror)

Until Death Do Us Part Volume 1-4 RAW (Mediafire mirror)

ArchLord Volume 1-4 RAW THX to ghost305

Change 123 Volume 1-4 RAW THX to Deathwisher

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch 62-63 by K-H

Kami To Sengoku Seitokai Volume 3-5 RAW THX to UFO888

Shion no Ouu Volume 1-4 RAW THX to Deathwisher




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17 07 2007

what you need the bandwidth for? I can let you use my host since at the moment I don’t have anything on it. the limit is about 80 gbs a day. just send me a email.

19 07 2007

I need about 100 GB a month, more important is that I can run scripts like Teamspeak on the server/webhost.

19 07 2007

I am sorry about this ! Because it is the first time i saw a pro ,so i try to do the same like you :D. I still write : “source: https://silverado.wordpress.com” . If you don’t allow i will never do it again! Sorry again!

22 07 2007

Aargh, ‘sup with all the raws? like 70% of MU is raws now =/

22 07 2007

hehehe, wanna join us and fill this blog with scanlations?

23 07 2007

I guess eden aint coming,

23 07 2007

Eden is currently on hold, since we’re waiting for Illuminati and their raws.


23 07 2007

well i’m sure it’ll be worth the wait! (if its a full volume!)

cheers guys

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