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30 07 2007

Claymore ES2 ch 2 by 10sigh

Parasite ch 64 FINAL by GantZ Waitingroom

Bokurano ch 44 & 45 RAW

Dorothea ~Majo no Tetsutsui~ ch 1 by CGY

Berserk ch. 288 by Evil-Genius
Biomega ch. 22 by Evil-Genius

Eyeshield 21 Volume 1-23 RAW

Unbalance X Unbalance ch 42 by KMTS

Superior volume 2 ch 4 by Snowkiss

Emma Volume 1-7 by iichan For all fans of Yokohama Shopping Trip! silv
Emma Bangaihen ch 01-10 by iichan

Shin Angyo Onshi ch 20 Part 13 by ETC

Omega Tribe Kingdom v01ch01 by Manga Underground (MF mirror)

Umisho ch03 & 04 by TEA-Scans

Hikaru no Go Special 1 by Unknown
Hikaru no Go Special 2 by Unknown

Chunchu ch 17 by Strays
King of Thorns ch24 by Strays
Jackals ch 04 by Strays

Worst ch 16 by D-M and M-S

GantZ ch 254 by Aladar

Superior Volume 2 by JanimeS LQ

Vassalord ch 2 B by IsoParadigm & Hanami

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch 67 by KH-Scans

Ryuuroden ch 48 by Dani Filth

Shonen Jump Scanlations #35 by Various

Manhole v01ch05 by Illuminati-Manga

Solanin ch 8-9 by Entropy



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30 07 2007

The GTO full 25 volume link doesnt work cuz mediafire says it violates their terms of servise…any other working link?

30 07 2007

well it works for me …

ugh i only checked volume1 … so according to rea only 1-4 should work

30 07 2007

interesting, can’t tell if I’m gonna be able to fix this
edit: until further notice, it’s off😀

30 07 2007

shonen jump pack includes: Naruto, Bleach, ES21, HnC, OP and PoT
I’m thinking of doing that every week ~Mondays just randomly picking some1 who released it ‘already’.
Tell me if you like the idea🙂

1 08 2007

Darn I miss Hikaru no Go.

2 08 2007

Is there a way to get SAO ch20 part 13? ETC website seems to be down and I don’t know how much it would take to be online. Could anyone uploaded.
BTW, I am checking out Omega.

2 08 2007

ETC works fine for me.

2 08 2007

yeah it works again. downloading. thanks😛

3 08 2007


4 08 2007

Man, the end of Parasite was just odd… And the new Berserk one was pretty… Eh… Loving lol. Thanks for the releases ^^ I’m following tons of series thanks to you guys

5 08 2007

That Vagabond … cruel killing … I love it ….

8 08 2007


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