7 08 2007

Yes, that’s right folks, we’re recruiting! So, if you’ve got nothing better to do with your time, come to us, we’ll make use of every minute of your life! I’ll say this clearly and from the very start, we don’t want people that quit after a week or after a few chapters or just disspear without saying something, we need serious people. Also IRC is a must, makes our lives much easier, better communication, better management, better everything! You don’t how to use it? No worries, we’ll teach you how to use it. You’ll also need to register on our forum, but I guess that never proved difficulty for anyone. Here’s what we want:

1. (many) Translators – One of the most important in a scanlation group. We are in need of Japanese/Korean/Chinese/German/French > English translators. Especially Japanese translators are needed, we’ll welcome you with a big smile and enslave you to translate lots of mangas (buhahahaha) – joking. You must have a medium knowledge of the English language.

2. (many) Cleaners – Yes, we need cleaners, lots of the, plenty, come to us, join us, clean for us, we beg you… PLEASE! We haven’t worked with LQ raws up till now, so your job will be easy-ish… cleaning, redrawing lines and background, level, etc.
People with Photoshop experience, but no cleaning experience, check this wonderful tutorial.

3. Quality Checker – The person who makes sure that everything is ready for the final release. Typos, stuff left uncleaned, typesetting gone wrong, translation mistakes… be it small or huge, a QC must notice it! You must have experience with cleaning and preferably typesetting as well, good knowledge of the English language would be a plus. Also you must be >= 16 years old.

Person interested in one of the positions above:“Oh wow, I want to be enslaved, how can I apply?MU: YAY! You can apply in 3 ways:

a) Write an Email with: Subject: Translator/Cleaner/QCer and include
your contact details (ICQ, MSN, YAHOO IDs).


b) Contact us on jCafe, Reactive, yal, any of us will listen to your burning desires of enslavement.

c) Contact the operators (@) on our IRC channel #mangaunderground @




3 responses

5 08 2007

you will enjoy every minute of it !!!

11 08 2007

Great! Sent in my application.
(PS: in my application i forgot to mention that i can speak also speak and write in German.)

12 08 2007

I have sent my application too.

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