Late Manga Update

10 08 2007

We need Jap->Eng translators for Eden – It’s an endless World and cleaners for other projects! Read more here

Air Gear c165 by Sora Scans

Pokemon Special Volume 1-4 by DGS
(No, we’re not crazy. PS is a decent manga adaption of the Pokemon game.
Be aware of nostalgic feelings! silv)

Sequel Lone Wolf & Cub Volume 1-28 Complete by Manga Sketchbook
(Probably the BEST manga you’ll ever read! silv)

Prequel Samurai Executioner Volume 1-10 Complete by Manga Sketchbook
(a damn nice historical manga! silv)

Vampire Juuji Kai Volume 1-9 RAW Complete

Elfen Lied c77 by Oishii and Illuminat-manga
SWEEET Volume 1 by Kotonoha

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch 62-70 by KH

Hajime no Ippo chap 782 by Ignition-One

Air Gear 164 by Sora Scans

Pastel chp 80 by Dynasty

Gantz ch 255 by Aladar
Gantz ch 255 (Manga Monkey added the 2 missing pages in the Aladard version)

Air Gear chap 160 by Kuu

Hellsing ch 86 by Demon Rin &

Unbalance X2 ch 43 by KMTS

REC ch 32 by XLG

Tenjou Tenge ch 106 by MT

The Silvery Crow ch03 by Kuu

Battle Angel Alita – Last Order phase 58-61 by Rippersanime

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch 68 and 69 by K-H Scans

Worst ch 20 by Delinquent-Manga and Minna-Scan




16 responses

8 08 2007

Is there any girl in this manga have normal cup size ?

8 08 2007

I doubt. 😛

9 08 2007

Help! The Battle Angel Alita chapters are password protected…

9 08 2007

they r not.

your file seems to be damaged try do download it again it should work.

10 08 2007

I downloaded it again and it didn’t work. They’re still asking for a password, that’s weird… could anyone post a ddl link?

10 08 2007

works perfectly fine for me ._.

10 08 2007

late but great update !!!

12 08 2007

air gear 165 by sora is out

12 08 2007

Anon: did you dl Battle Angel Alita from MU ? o.O

Pokemon…and you seriously want us/me not to think you’ve gone nuts?

12 08 2007

Exactly! Once you read it, you won’t be able to stop!

12 08 2007

Like what Silvy said. It’s a good series. Probably the best pokemeon manga.

12 08 2007

lone wolf and cub IS the best manga ever!
christ silv the more i come on this site the more i like you!
pity u cant download whole thing in 1 go i had the whole thing downloaded but lost it.
havent read samurai executioner dunno which to dl first XD

keep up the good work

13 08 2007

You forgot Pluto c43 and c44 which have been released.

13 08 2007

oh and Vinland saga c21 and extra…

13 08 2007

Pluto 43:
Pluto 44:
Vinland Saga c21:
Vinland Saga c3 extra:

Sorry for spamming comments.

14 08 2007

there is hardly an upload service i hate more than badongo .-.

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