New Manga Update

13 08 2007

Priest vol 11 by Ritsuzen Manga

Queen ch 2 by Manga Underground

A Spirit of the Sun Volume 1-3 by Mangascreener

Bleach ch 287.Don’t Forget Till You Die by M7
On a side note, to Bleach Fans, Bleach7 and BleachForums are back online, go check them!

Beck ch 88-89HQ by Phase3

My Balls ch 10 by Strays

Kenichi v.8 ch.71 by K-H Scans

’bout time that I share some of my favorites with you:

Alive! (Complete) by Omanga & SnoopyCool

Blue Heaven (Complete) by Omanga & Hawks & SnoopyCool

Eternal Sabbath (Complete) by Hikaru no Go Translations & Inane

Freesia v01-08 by Omanga & Hawks *Updated*

NHK v01-07 + ch 36, 37, and 38 by Evil Genius

Uncivilized Planet (Complete) by Omanga & Hawks & Kotonoha


Pluto ch 45 RAW
Pluto ch 44 by Mangascreener
Pluto ch 43 by Mangascreener

Vinland Saga Volume3 Extra by Mangascreener
Vinland Saga ch 21 by Mangascreener

Here’s a manga I just found, it’s pretty good, only 3 chapters out though:
Knights by Saboten Scanlations

Grandchild of Nurai Hyon by Boredom


A new FMA chapter by Ichiki Fullmetal Alchemist c74

Romeo X Juliet ch 1 by EMS

Superior Volume 3 by Janimes




6 responses

13 08 2007

yeah, uncivilized planet and blue heaven are def worth a read. thanks!

15 08 2007

Thx for all the good stuff !!!
I wish i had more time… to read all of this right now !!!
Keep going !

Mr Phil

15 08 2007

Just to contrast a bit with this appraisal, I really didn’t like Blue Heaven when I read it some time ago, I found that the plot and characters weren’t that good.

18 08 2007

how o to get in the manga section with all the manga list.. just email me thanks well im a fan of kenichi the history strongest disciple…

19 08 2007

Alive is a MUST-READ mini series !!! thanks.

19 08 2007

Vinland is the best. Thanks for sharing

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