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22 08 2007

Naruto​ Shippuuden​ – 26​ by DB

Bleach – 137 by DB

Oh! Edo Rocket – 10(MkV) by Shinsen-Subs
Oh! Edo Rocket – 10(XviD) by Shinsen-Subs

Oh! Edo Rocket – 09(MkV) by Shinsen-Subs
Oh! Edo Rocket – 09(XviD) by Shinsen-Subs

Oh! Edo Rocket – 08(MkV) by Shinsen-Subs
Oh! Edo Rocket – 08(XviD) by Shinsen-Subs

Oh! Edo Rocket – 07(MkV) by Shinsen-Subs
Oh! Edo Rocket – 07(XviD) by Shinsen-Subs

Oh! Edo Rocket – 06(MkV) by Shinsen-Subs
Oh! Edo Rocket – 06(XviD) by Shinsen-Subs

Claymore 21 by Eclipse (XviD)
Claymore 21 by Eclipse (H264)
Aww cute Claymores torn to pieces – I love this heartwarming sound ;>

Hayate no Gotoku! – 21(H264) by Static-Subs & Eclipse
Hayate no Gotoku! – 21(XviD) by Static-Subs & Eclipse

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – 21(H264) by BSS & Anon
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – 21(XviD) by BSS & Anon

Seto no Hanayome – 20 by Your-Mom
imho best ep till now xD

have fun
~Itachi, Chokeonthefly~




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23 08 2007

dammnnn claymore is more coolest now! NOW I NEED 22! lol 🙂

Cant wait!

23 08 2007

well in 21 there is so much that don’t match with manga 🙂 but still both Claymore manga and Claymore anime are awesome 😉

23 08 2007

now the anime and manga are starting to differ
i just hope the manga won’t take the same turn

23 08 2007

gurren lagann 4 life.

24 08 2007

hm it really doesn’t look like there will be another season … ;(

24 08 2007

Chokeonthefly what you mean?

24 08 2007

Tengen toppa G L is the dopest shit on earth 🙂

24 08 2007

that the claymore anime will get a genuine ending and then be concluded, while the manga is and still will be ongoing.

Source: Random Curiosity or rather: Web Newtype

24 08 2007


24 08 2007

yea i kno kamikaze its too good. fast paced

25 08 2007
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25 08 2007

claymore wont be ended yet… they will probable just end the season with this and wait for the manga to stop releasing fillers and pick up the pace instead of this one chapter a month bullshit

25 08 2007

might wanna change the Claymore screenshots, as they’re pretty big fucking spoilers.

26 08 2007

tough luck

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