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24 08 2007

Three new Airgear chapters by Sora Scans
Airgear c170
Airgear c171
Chapter 172

Bleach c288 by Maximum7

Asuka² by Reverein Scanlations
~ crazyankan~

A tripple E-G release:

Biomega ch 23 by Evil Genius
B. Reaction ch 11 by Evil Genius
Angel Heart ch 99 by Evil Genius

A Spirit of the Sun Volume 1-3 by Manga Screener
(I think this series gets far too little attention. silv)

Kyoko Karasuma ch 4 by nibo

And some more…

Air Gear ch 163 by Kuu
Air Gear ch 162 by Kuu
Air Gear ch 161 by Kuu

Worst Vol06 c024 by D-M and M-S

And one of my favorite…
Gunm Last Order c069 RAW thx to Ritual Scan Forge

~ Mr Phil ~




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25 08 2007

First comment … hehehe
Air gear is good but this Biomega cover is awesome , I’m pervert :”>

25 08 2007

Spirit of the Sun is a brilliant series

25 08 2007

Cool new biomega tx guys, MU is one of the best sites to get manga on the net

26 08 2007

It is one of the best, but if u want to find EVERY new manga release, just routinely check http://mangaupdates.com/releases.html

26 08 2007

thanks az060693 but I need a good recommendation , and with MU, I always got new amazing seinen series. Every one have their own best choice ^^

btw, this weekend is full of AG, w00t w00t …

26 08 2007

I might be wrong, but I think the Eden link’s not working.

27 08 2007

Spirit of the Sun is indeed a GREAT manga
Thx for sharing

Mr Phil

27 08 2007

#1 post, foggyflute

Yeah i’ve set that to desktop wallpaper >>;;


So cool! i love biomega!
plus thanks to Silverado!

27 08 2007

yeah, i love finding new series on this site, i read so many series that it gets harder and harder to find new ones…

1 09 2007

umm i was wondering if air gear is done since theres no more raw being uploaded

1 09 2007

We lost simply our interest in posting air gear raws.

1 09 2007

o i see

1 09 2007

thnx for 175 tho

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