A New Week Begins…

3 09 2007

Blade of the Immortal Volume 17 by Manga-Sketchbook

Sayonare Zetsubou Sensei Volume 1 by Entropy & Plumcity

School Rumble ch 240 by Townsocks

Airgear ch 174 by Sora Scans

Claymore ES ch 3 by 10sigh

Suzuka chp 164 by Double07

Mirai Nikki chp 20 by Anon

Shoot, here’s the forth volume of Sanctuary cleaned by silverado !

Sanctuary Volume 4 by Lasher99

Claymore ES ch 3 RAW

Ravages of Time Volume 1-27 RAW

Potemayo ch 1-4 by Pote Scans (A cute manga about a potato?? silv)

High School of the Dead ch 12 by XLG

Hotman ch 113 by Null

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch 73 by KH-Scans
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch 74 by KH-Scans

ALIVE ch 13 by dynasty

Shonen Jump Issue 39 by various

Bitter Virgin ch 14 by Solaris-SVU




12 responses

3 09 2007

I can only congratulate you guys on picking such a good series, it really is worth it.

3 09 2007

hmm, does somebody know if it actually is issue #39 or already #40?:d

4 09 2007

High School of the Dead was hilarious^^

5 09 2007

I loved the first 10 chapters of Alive and here is No 13, but where are 11 and 12? I already found 12v2 from dynasty, but especially 11 seems to be a problem. Perhaps there’s some Distro-Site I didn’t find?

5 09 2007

@ invalent : I think #40, you can see @ Ritual

5 09 2007

@ Yaobikuni : AFkroth.com for Dynasty Scans releases.

5 09 2007

hello 🙂
have i missed Claymore Extra chapter 02 or it just wasn’t mentioned on this site?

5 09 2007

just search for it

5 09 2007

for some ppl that interested in claymore http://rapidshare.com/files/47156948/Claymore_v13_Extra2.rar
seems to be ok

5 09 2007

ahh thx Jraw didnt think of ritual xd
so the double issues also counted as two…well should’ve thought so :S

6 09 2007

cooooool thx 4 claymore!!! 🙂

7 09 2007

It was a typo for School Rumble chapter since who ever posted it had too many to type up. Kind of wished it was chap 49 though lol but thanx for saying what has been added up online recently

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