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7 09 2007

Hajime no Ippo ch 785 LQ by Ignition One Online Viewer

Senki Senki Momotama chp 6-7 by Hana-Mi

Enjoy the 5th volume of this brilliant series!
Sanctuary Volume 5 by Lasher99

Dark Water vol 1 by Kanzashi

Well since Deathwisher put so much effort in it, I thought I should mention this thread on our site. Normally we don’t post H-stuff! So enjoy this “exception” πŸ˜› – silv
Deathwishers Hentai Uploads

Doushirou de Gozaru Volume 1-8 Compelte RAW THX to UFO (alias @_@)

Worst ch 31 by D-M & M-S

Aria ch24 by Promfret

Trinity Blood ch28 by KakerA Translations

Togake Volume 1 RAW THX to Culaio

Unbalance X Unbalance vh 45 by KMTS

Fairy Tail ch 53 by Natsu-kun

Ryzzroden ch 51 by Dani Filth

Bleach 290 by makhan




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7 09 2007

This may be a stupid question but are you releasing Sanctuary in it’s volume edition [original jp 12 vol edition] or have you released it in the American 5 part Viz edition? [the Viz release being the only other scanlation on the net]

7 09 2007

I don’t release it as the original tank, because this would mean a size of 200 mb per volume. I decided to split the 5 parts in 4 chapter volumes. This will make an average of 70-80 MB per volume.

7 09 2007

oooooooooh…we cannot wait for the next volume!!!

7 09 2007

I don’t know what edition, they had any different ?

7 09 2007

LOLOL, ok tx for the info Silverado, i asked because since i have the viz scans as you i was wondering if you wouldn’t have actually stumbled upon the actual jp edition, and yeah your right, the 5 part issue release that was done by viz is if you take it each part separately approx 200 MB/ part, well as a matter of fact viz originally did the release on issues/ the jp chapters and grouped them in part’s (probably to be able to take a brake once a few months) too bad they didn’t release this great manga as volumes directly but still we have to remember those were the early years of manga in the west.

7 09 2007

bleach is friggin’ amazing, but it’s a pity that you put such a spoiler pic here =/

7 09 2007

What else is nell good for?

10 09 2007

Check out this new scanlation, Beach Stars, it seems to have a pretty good story line to come.
genre: VolleyBall & Ecchi


11 09 2007

the one that is in RAW variant is planned to be translated or? πŸ™‚
this manga definitely nice poster πŸ˜€

12 09 2007

lots of nice looking raws coming on.
cant wait for them to be scanlated XD

silv what is timescale for eden now?
thanks and keep up the good work ^_^

12 09 2007

Translation of vol 14 is all done. It all depends on Illuminati Manga now, go bug them! I’ve been waiting for ages as well.

13 09 2007

thanks for reply silv.

here is what it says on illuminati manga’s site. for those who interested.
i am guessing this means it will be out soon.
eden has to be one of the best manga’s ive ever had the pleasure of reading

sept 5 07
Eden: Yeah, you’re reading correctly. We’ve picked up Eden again. We’re going to be re-doing v13 with better raws and we’ll be doing volume 14+ with Manga-Underground. Currently we’re t/l checking the first chapter of volume 14 before we typeset it.

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