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10 09 2007

Silvery Crow chp 4 by Kuu-Scans

Reborn chp 99-135 by Cosa Nostra, the entire Vongola Rings Arc!!!

Gunslinger Girl Vol 5 by Manga-Sketchbook

My Balls ch 11 by Strays

Full Metal Panic v3 , v4 and v5 by BYAAAH

Rose Hip Zero Vol 3 by BYAAAH

Ghost Hunt Vol 8 by BYAAAH

Kyoko Karasuma ch 6 by Nibo

Airgear ch 175 by Sora Scans

REC ch 33 by XLG

AirGear ch 167 by Kuu
AirGear ch 166 by Kuu

Jump Issue #41 by Various

Addicated to Curry ch 50 by Nodame Cantabile Illegal Scans (what a long name, next time I’ll just refer to them as GWEN Group With an Endless Name) New download link ~crazyankan

History’ Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch 74-76 by KH Scans

Ressentiment ch 1-9 by Kotonoha




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11 09 2007

WHY cant GWEN just let us download their scantalations…I registered but still cant download…arrrggghhh…I give up…MU if there is any other group that has taken up Addicted to Curry could you please tell me…THX

11 09 2007

there is none, you can go to their IRC channel if the dl on the site doesn’t work and yea that you need to register for a download means that I wont be reading any of their projects 😉

13 09 2007

FOMUFFO INVASION!!!! So those Byaa guys started to scan english manga ^^. With Manga Sketchbook this would be the 2nd group.

13 09 2007

no there are more:
“Cat Chan Scans” does the same

13 09 2007

but “rose hip rose” is’nt completed?

…I have it at english!! the 4 vol.

13 09 2007

Rose Hip Zero is the sequel of RHR.

13 09 2007

Rose Hip Zero is the Prequel to Rose Hip Rose, don’t get those two mixed up!

13 09 2007

hey i think you forgot Jump Issue number 40, thank you 😀

14 09 2007

Snagged Ghost Hunt volume 8! I love this series so much, thank you for sharing it! ^_^

14 09 2007

Ah, so it was the prequel hmmh. Doesn’t matter XD it’s all about guns and boobs.

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