Kill me Softly, Triad

10 09 2007

I just finished watching all 13 episodes. All I can say is WOW. This series is definitely not what it seems to be. The story and characters have all their reasons and intentions. What seemed weird first turns out out to be great. I’d give it a 8.5/10 rating for cute characters and a damn depressing climax which fades beautiful to the end. Definitely MUCH better than most of the series you’re currently watching. Go for it! “Gao”

Air Soundtrack The soundtrack is quite good, go for it!
Air 1-13 + OVA + Movie by Triad

Yeah, they will kill you with a quadruple Bokurano release!

Bokurano 17 by TRIAD
Bokurano 16 by TRIAD
Bokurano 15 by TRIAD
Bokurano 14 by TRIAD





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11 09 2007

Damn them! I was just about to start my anime stream, now I have to encode Bokurano 17 as well.

13 09 2007
[Eclipse] Claymore – 24 (h264) [886BEEA2] mkv

16 09 2007

How come so slow on the OST loading time?

19 09 2007

damn sad series, i’m abt to continue with the summer special or the movie, but after saw the depressing ending….that’s it! i’m goint to get more of haruhi type… maybe school rumble will be better…

btw have to agree on the character design, very nice…

20 09 2007

Yeah, Air was one of the first anime series’ that I actually found sad.
For starters, endings are always sad… because they’re endings.
But this ending was just so ridiculously sad.

20 09 2007

It’s moving! Damn tear jerker!

22 09 2007
gurren lagan 25

gurren lagan 25 was released in anirena by bss & anon, put a link for the people who dont know about it. very nice episode (awesome!!!)

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