Sanctuary V6 (Weekend Update)

15 09 2007

You’ve been waiting for this and here is it:
Sanctuary Volume 6 by Lasher99

Berserk ch 289 by Evil_Genius

B. Reaction ch 12 by Evil_Genius

GANTZ ch 257 by Phase3

Fullmetal Alchemist ch 75 by TMI-Scans

Airgear ch 177 by Sora Scans
Airgear ch 176 by Sora Scans

Trinity Blood ch 30 by KakerA Translations

Pluto ch 45 by Mangascreener

Super Cruel and Terrible Tales of Mangaka by MS




10 responses

15 09 2007

oh yeah … thanks thanks thanaks

15 09 2007

Yay for Sanctuary =D

15 09 2007

though i already read this manga and have it on my pc i’m glad there is a new place were this masterpiece can me dl, this manga is pretty scarce on the net so it’s good to know mangaunderground’s manga archive has it

16 09 2007

Thanks a lot for this volume!!
I am looking forward to reading the next one! ^^

16 09 2007

Hell YES! Time for the flag of Okinawa to fly over Japan and for some baby boomer man tears 😀 !

16 09 2007

@alucard, in case you missed what I said earlier, this is a NEW version of Sanctuary.

16 09 2007

New Berserk(289) is out there.

16 09 2007

And this version of Sanctuary is really a masterpiece!!! Thx a lot for this awesome manga is one of my favorite

16 09 2007

@silver: it is? well then i guess i’ll dl it since the one i have has files a litle too big, btw tx for the gantz ch, i’d say tx for the berserk ch too but dl that from EG before you got to post it here, your sight is still one of my daily frequented.

And for does that havn’t started reading Sanctuary you really should – this is a masterpiece that can hardly be comparable with any manga that are being done today.

19 09 2007

Sanctuary is the best manga (.)
Is this a version much different from the older one? Like, better quality and translation?

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