mD gets 3 years old! T-Shirt contest!

27 09 2007

Hi readers! mD gets 3 years old and our friends over there are holding a t-shirt design contest. The best design will be awared with a generous prize money.

Here are the details ( ) :

Winner gets $250US and a t-shirt
It will be transfered to a paypal/bank account of choice

runner up and 2nd runner up each gets their own tshirt

The winner entry will be used as mD’s official T-shirt

*the golden one: must be ORIGINAL *
1) size: no size limits, but it should be 300px/inch for printing
2) extension: JPG or PNG
3) no hentai/nudity/sexual/drugs/racial references
4) mD’s logo must be incororated in the desing somehow

Nov 31, 2007.

mD’s logo can be found here.

Good luck to all participants We send our best wishes to mD!





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