Weekend Manga Update

29 09 2007

A quick manga update before I go to sleep, just to present you the newest releases!

D. Gray-Man ch 130 by Binktopia

Air Gear ch 179 by Sora Scans

Bleach ch 293 by MS

Naruto ch 372 by MS

One Piece ch 472 by Franky House

Chokotto Sister ch 45 by Kotonoha

The Hour of the Mice ch 10 by Kotonoha

Worst ch 34 by D-M and M-S

and because I feel like adding something RAW(R):

T-Moon Complex X a doujinshi about two Typemoon productions!




6 responses

29 09 2007

sora sora 179

29 09 2007

Someone is faster then me.

29 09 2007

sorascan still fast as always …. How about “Sora” – name of the scanlation group ? I guest they used that name when Sora not yet betrayed Ikki & they can’t imagine some thing like that will happen , lolz

29 09 2007

Guess they just liked Sora for the über pervert he was (is?) 😛

29 09 2007

D. Gray-Man is back!

25 10 2008

what happened to the site?

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