mD gets 3 years old! T-Shirt contest!

27 09 2007

Hi readers! mD gets 3 years old and our friends over there are holding a t-shirt design contest. The best design will be awared with a generous prize money.
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The usual Weekly Post

17 09 2007
What do you want to watch on TokyoTV?
1) Anime
2) Asia Documentaries
3) Asian Drama (Korean, Jap, Chinese)
4) Video Games
5) Porn ( omg, are you serious? )
6) Nothing

View Results

Hotman ch 116 by Null
Hotman ch 115 by Null

Bleach ch 292 by Binktopia

Hajime no Ippo ch 787 by Franky House

Hajime no Ippo ch 783-786 by Ignition-One

One Piece ch 471 LQ by Franky House

Airgear ch 168 by Kuu

Hajime no Ippo ch 787 LQ by Ignition One online viewer

Battle Angel Alita Last Order ch 70 RAW

Tokage Ouji Volume 1 by Aerandria

Hajime no Ippo ch 786 LQ by Ignition One online viewer

Suzuka chp 166 Raw (Final Chapter)
Suzuka chp 166 by enRAI

Sanctuary Volume 7 by Lasher99 & Manga Underground

Yakitate Japan Volume ch 163-185 by Null

Yakitate!! Japan ch 185 by Manga-Heaven & Minna-scan
Yakitate!! Japan ch 184 by Manga-Heaven & Minna-scan

Shonen Jump issue #42 divshare or MediaFire by Various

Girlfriend ch 19

Ressentiment ch 9 and 10 as well as

The Hour of the Mice ch 9 by Kotonoha

New Site:

11 09 2007

Welcome to our new site called!. It’s a new kind of “News Diary” (hybrid of news site and diary blog) and deals about Japan. If you work, or study in Japan or have been living there for years, you can share your knowledge to the readers by posting images, writing updates and providing an “insight of the Japanese culture. One of the most important features is undoubtly our video stream service: TokyoTV. It provides you with three streams for anime, asian drama and the newest Japan documentaries. If you ever wanted to stream an anime or non-anime movie, TokyoTV will be your best spot! Feel free to contact us if you want to stream non anime movies such as Korean drama, Japanese soaps, or the newest documentary. TokyoTv will accept most of them as long as the media is not licensed (in Germany) and contains no explicit sex scenes (no hentai!, mature series are ok)! If you can accept these terms and want to share your anime and dorama collection, contact us and become a streamer. Our new contact form makes this possible for everybody and is very easy to use. You can find our contact form here.

What we are looking for are:

– Blog authors who writes about their daily life in Japan
– Anime & Dorama authors who write reviews
– Streamers who entertain us with the newest anime series and dramas.

And now, enjoy the anime stream!

Recruiting authors for an anime site!

8 09 2007

Hi guys and gals, we’ve finally finished our preparation on our new project called TokyoTV (former called AnimeTV Beta). The new design is ready, the servers are running and all we need is You, Viewers and Streamers! That’s right, you’re allowed to stream your anime and to share your collection with all other people who watch the stream! All you need is…

I created a forum and posted several encoding tutorials. Use this for feedback, questions and suggestions, as well as encoding issues. TokyoTV Support Forum

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MU Archive Online

2 09 2007


Hi readers, Manga Underground needs experiencied cleaners and proofreaders.

Applications can be send over email with
Subject: Cleaner/Proofreader. Remember to include your ICQ, MSN or YAHOO UIN!


What should we broadcast in our anime stream?
1) Shounen (e.g. Naruto, Bleach)
2) Action (e.g. Claymore, Gurren Lagann)
3) Comedy (e.g. Hayate, Seto)
4) Horror (e.g. Kemonodzume)
5) Drama (Kino no Tabi, Monster)
6) Movies (5 cm, Karas)
7) Old Series (e.g. Peter Pan)View Results

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Special Thank You

22 08 2007

Ok, I hope I fulfilled your wishes. No more requests please! Contact me, if you really need a series and can’t find it by yourself. =) Thanks for 3 million hits! ❤ ~Daryl

Everyone who liked “Yakitate! Japan!” should give “Addicted to Curry” a try:
Addicted to Curry v01-04[Solaris-SVU & Yamitsuki Anime] + c43-46[Solaris-SVU]

Ares v01-12 + c84-87 by KMTS

Dangu v01-04[nG] + c9-15 by Teqq

Detroit Metal City v01 + c13-14 by Scum Scans

Lament of the Lamb v01-07 (Complete) by Manga-Sketchbook
*Also known as “Hitsuji no Uta”!*

Ping Pong v01-02 by KEFI & Reimu

The World Is Mine v01-03 by JJ & KEFI

Tokyo Crazy Paradise v01-19 (Complete) by Various
(includes releases from Manga-Sketchbook in collaboration with Hawks, Terrad & Impossibility; and Love Hina Party)


7 08 2007

Yes, that’s right folks, we’re recruiting! So, if you’ve got nothing better to do with your time, come to us, we’ll make use of every minute of your life! I’ll say this clearly and from the very start, we don’t want people that quit after a week or after a few chapters or just disspear without saying something, we need serious people. Also IRC is a must, makes our lives much easier, better communication, better management, better everything! You don’t how to use it? No worries, we’ll teach you how to use it. You’ll also need to register on our forum, but I guess that never proved difficulty for anyone. Here’s what we want:

1. (many) Translators – One of the most important in a scanlation group. We are in need of Japanese/Korean/Chinese/German/French > English translators. Especially Japanese translators are needed, we’ll welcome you with a big smile and enslave you to translate lots of mangas (buhahahaha) – joking. You must have a medium knowledge of the English language.

2. (many) Cleaners – Yes, we need cleaners, lots of the, plenty, come to us, join us, clean for us, we beg you… PLEASE! We haven’t worked with LQ raws up till now, so your job will be easy-ish… cleaning, redrawing lines and background, level, etc.
People with Photoshop experience, but no cleaning experience, check this wonderful tutorial.

3. Quality Checker – The person who makes sure that everything is ready for the final release. Typos, stuff left uncleaned, typesetting gone wrong, translation mistakes… be it small or huge, a QC must notice it! You must have experience with cleaning and preferably typesetting as well, good knowledge of the English language would be a plus. Also you must be >= 16 years old.

Person interested in one of the positions above:“Oh wow, I want to be enslaved, how can I apply?MU: YAY! You can apply in 3 ways:

a) Write an Email with: Subject: Translator/Cleaner/QCer and include
your contact details (ICQ, MSN, YAHOO IDs).


b) Contact us on jCafe, Reactive, yal, any of us will listen to your burning desires of enslavement.

c) Contact the operators (@) on our IRC channel #mangaunderground @