Weekend Manga Update

29 09 2007

A quick manga update before I go to sleep, just to present you the newest releases!

D. Gray-Man ch 130 by Binktopia

Air Gear ch 179 by Sora Scans

Bleach ch 293 by MS

Naruto ch 372 by MS

One Piece ch 472 by Franky House

Chokotto Sister ch 45 by Kotonoha

The Hour of the Mice ch 10 by Kotonoha

Worst ch 34 by D-M and M-S

and because I feel like adding something RAW(R):

T-Moon Complex X a doujinshi about two Typemoon productions!


Happy Monday Update!

24 09 2007

Bitter Virgin ch 15 by solaris-svu

We need someone to clean (removing text) this picture for us. silv

Trinity Blood ch 31 by KakerA Translations

The World is Mine ch 36 by KEFI

Kabu No Isaki Onesho by The Elves
Reading one of Ashinano’s work feels like becoming very old. -silv

Under The Rose Volume 1-4 RAW

19th Century England. Grace, the daughter of a ruined marquis, died mysteriously at her lover’s home. Her sons Linus and Lawrence are taken in by their biological father, Count Roland, but Linus comes to believe that the Roland family has something to do with his mother’s death. Linus’ lonely battle for the truth has begun

It’s such a shame that there’s no group willinig to scanlate this series. I’d love to read it. – silv

Hayate the Combat Butler ch 61 by Musashi

Angel Densetsu ch 76 by m-s

Chokotto Sister ch 42-44 by Kotonoha

Kilico vol 1
Kilico vol 2
Kilico vol 3
Kilico vol 4(end) all by Omanga & Kotonoha
This one is really great ~crazyankan

Jump Issue #43 by Various divshare and Mediafire link

Worst ch 33 by D-M and M-S

Yotsuba&! ch 49 by VEERS

Hajime no Ippo ch 783-787 by I-O

Unbalance X Unbalance ch 46 by kmts

Vagabond ch 238 by Strays

Air Gear ch 178 by Sora-Scans

The usual Weekly Post

17 09 2007
What do you want to watch on TokyoTV?
1) Anime
2) Asia Documentaries
3) Asian Drama (Korean, Jap, Chinese)
4) Video Games
5) Porn ( omg, are you serious? )
6) Nothing

View Results

Hotman ch 116 by Null
Hotman ch 115 by Null

Bleach ch 292 by Binktopia

Hajime no Ippo ch 787 by Franky House

Hajime no Ippo ch 783-786 by Ignition-One

One Piece ch 471 LQ by Franky House

Airgear ch 168 by Kuu

Hajime no Ippo ch 787 LQ by Ignition One online viewer

Battle Angel Alita Last Order ch 70 RAW

Tokage Ouji Volume 1 by Aerandria

Hajime no Ippo ch 786 LQ by Ignition One online viewer

Suzuka chp 166 Raw (Final Chapter)
Suzuka chp 166 by enRAI

Sanctuary Volume 7 by Lasher99 & Manga Underground

Yakitate Japan Volume ch 163-185 by Null

Yakitate!! Japan ch 185 by Manga-Heaven & Minna-scan
Yakitate!! Japan ch 184 by Manga-Heaven & Minna-scan

Shonen Jump issue #42 divshare or MediaFire by Various

Girlfriend ch 19

Ressentiment ch 9 and 10 as well as

The Hour of the Mice ch 9 by Kotonoha

Sanctuary V6 (Weekend Update)

15 09 2007

You’ve been waiting for this and here is it:
Sanctuary Volume 6 by Lasher99

Berserk ch 289 by Evil_Genius

B. Reaction ch 12 by Evil_Genius

GANTZ ch 257 by Phase3

Fullmetal Alchemist ch 75 by TMI-Scans

Airgear ch 177 by Sora Scans
Airgear ch 176 by Sora Scans

Trinity Blood ch 30 by KakerA Translations

Pluto ch 45 by Mangascreener

Super Cruel and Terrible Tales of Mangaka by MS

A Spiritful Monday!

10 09 2007

Silvery Crow chp 4 by Kuu-Scans

Reborn chp 99-135 by Cosa Nostra, the entire Vongola Rings Arc!!!

Gunslinger Girl Vol 5 by Manga-Sketchbook

My Balls ch 11 by Strays

Full Metal Panic v3 , v4 and v5 by BYAAAH

Rose Hip Zero Vol 3 by BYAAAH

Ghost Hunt Vol 8 by BYAAAH

Kyoko Karasuma ch 6 by Nibo

Airgear ch 175 by Sora Scans

REC ch 33 by XLG

AirGear ch 167 by Kuu
AirGear ch 166 by Kuu

Jump Issue #41 by Various

Addicated to Curry ch 50 by Nodame Cantabile Illegal Scans (what a long name, next time I’ll just refer to them as GWEN Group With an Endless Name) New download link ~crazyankan

History’ Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch 74-76 by KH Scans

Ressentiment ch 1-9 by Kotonoha

Lonely weekend update

7 09 2007

Hajime no Ippo ch 785 LQ by Ignition One Online Viewer

Senki Senki Momotama chp 6-7 by Hana-Mi

Enjoy the 5th volume of this brilliant series!
Sanctuary Volume 5 by Lasher99

Dark Water vol 1 by Kanzashi

Well since Deathwisher put so much effort in it, I thought I should mention this thread on our site. Normally we don’t post H-stuff! So enjoy this “exception” 😛 – silv
Deathwishers Hentai Uploads

Doushirou de Gozaru Volume 1-8 Compelte RAW THX to UFO (alias @_@)

Worst ch 31 by D-M & M-S

Aria ch24 by Promfret

Trinity Blood ch28 by KakerA Translations

Togake Volume 1 RAW THX to Culaio

Unbalance X Unbalance vh 45 by KMTS

Fairy Tail ch 53 by Natsu-kun

Ryzzroden ch 51 by Dani Filth

Bleach 290 by makhan

A New Week Begins…

3 09 2007

Blade of the Immortal Volume 17 by Manga-Sketchbook

Sayonare Zetsubou Sensei Volume 1 by Entropy & Plumcity

School Rumble ch 240 by Townsocks

Airgear ch 174 by Sora Scans

Claymore ES ch 3 by 10sigh

Suzuka chp 164 by Double07

Mirai Nikki chp 20 by Anon

Shoot, here’s the forth volume of Sanctuary cleaned by silverado !

Sanctuary Volume 4 by Lasher99

Claymore ES ch 3 RAW

Ravages of Time Volume 1-27 RAW

Potemayo ch 1-4 by Pote Scans (A cute manga about a potato?? silv)

High School of the Dead ch 12 by XLG

Hotman ch 113 by Null

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch 73 by KH-Scans
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch 74 by KH-Scans

ALIVE ch 13 by dynasty

Shonen Jump Issue 39 by various

Bitter Virgin ch 14 by Solaris-SVU