Weekly Manga Update

15 11 2006


Shin Angyo Onshi ch 12 Part 6 by ETC

Eureka Seven vol 1-3 by Mobots & Nanashi

Ai Kora ch 26 by Musashi Quality
Ai Kora ch 27 by Musashi Quality

Air Gear ch 147 RAW
Air Gear ch 98 by Shijin Tenshi

NHK In Youkoso! ch 29 by Evil Genius

Bleach ch 252 RAW
Bleach ch MQ ch 252 by Bleachbuzz

Blood+ Volume 1 by Illluminati Manga

D. Grayman ch 98 RAW

Eyeshield 21 ch 210 by Faizuddin

Fairy Tail ch 15 RAW

Full Metal Alchemist ch 65 by ZOMGFTA

Me Teru No Kimochi ch12 RAW
Me Teru No Kimochi ch12 by Square Ocean

Naruto ch 331 RAW
Naruto ch 331 MQ by NarutoBuzz

One Piece ch 435 RAW HQ

Saikon No Keisa ch 4 RAW

Unbalance x Unbalance vol 2 ch 17 by KMTS

~ Senbonzakura/Arkaniet ~

Innocent Sorrow by Abingdon Boys School
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Update of the Week

5 07 2006


You check Baka Updates everyday?
Want to join our team? We need ppl who check BakaU for updates
and add them on MU. If you can spend at least 15 min a week for the link updates,
feel free to join our team!
Leave a comment with your ICQ# or contact us over email.

Thank you!

Also check the new screen caps!


Unbalanced X Unbalanced ch 1-9 by KMT Get this!

Eden ch 76 by Illuminati Manga

Full Metal Alchemist ch 60 by ZOMFGTA

Mr. Fullswing ch 24 by KO Scans

RAW (sidebar)
Bleach ch 234 RAW

GantZ ch 236 RAW

Naruto ch 314 RAW

One Piece ch 418 RAW

Vagabond ch 211 RAW

Zetman Vol 6 RAW



Episode 1-4 by KAA — Episode 5-8 by KAA
Episode 9-12 by KAA — Episode 13-16 by KAA

Bleach 87 by Dattebayo

Mushishi 22 by C1 Anime

Music Video
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Cool Music Video

24 06 2006

Here are some very cool music videos.

Namie Amuro – ALARM

Tommy February 6 – Lonely in Gorgeous Music Vdeo
Tommy February 6 – Lonely in Gorgeous MP3 MV Ripp