RAWs! (+others)

9 08 2007

Iketeru Futari Vol 1-24+ RAW THX to Deathwisher

DearS Vol 1-8 Complete RAW THX to Deathwisher

Girls Zaurus Vol 1-3 Complete RAW THX to Deathwisher

Girls Zaurus DX Vol 1-5+ RAW THX to Deathwisher

SOUL EATER Volume 1-7+ RAW THX to Deathwisher

EDENs Bowy Volume 1-16+ RAW THX to Deathwisher

kaibutsu Oujyo
Kaibutsu Oujyo Volume 1-4+ RAW THX to Deathwisher

Majikano Volume 1-7+ RAW THX to Deathwisher



26 07 2007

Eden ch 115 RAW

RappiRangai Volume 1-3+ RAW THX to Deathwisher

Kareinaru Shokutaku
Kareinaru Shokutaku -Addicted to Curry- Volume 1-23+ RAW THX to Deathwisher

Oni Gokko Volume 1+ RAW

Manhole v01ch04 by Illuminati-Manga

WORST ch 15 by D-M and M-S

Homunculus Volume 1-8 by Hawks & Mangascreener

Air Gear ch 157 by Kuu

Kurosagi Shitai Takuhaibin Volume 3 by m-s

Dan Gu ch 33 by Teqq

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch 66 by K-H and ch 65 v2

Shamo ch 183 by m-s

Übel Blatt v02 ch02-3 by SBM & KMTS

Manga Upload: Maison Ikkoku

6 03 2007

Maison Ikkoku is a bitter-sweet comedic romance involving a group of madcap people who live in a boarding house in 80s Tokyo. The story focuses primarily on the blossoming relationship between Yusaku Godai—a poor student down on his luck—and Kyoko Otonashi, the young, recently-widowed boarding house manager. Rumiko Takahashi (Inu Yasha) has created a masterwork of storytelling. It’s definitely one of her best works! silverado

Maison Ikkoku Volume 01-09 Complete by Manga Project (Reseed)


24 12 2006

For our Fans:

We got a lot of new manga series. Enjoy! silverado
(Some series are still being uploaded and will be fully avaible tomorrow.)
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Manga Upload: Yokohama Shopping Trip

18 11 2006

Yokohama Shopping Trip
by Ashinano Hitoshi

Original title: Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

Quiet, thoughtful, and meticulously constructed, the story unfolds with grace and elegance. It became a favorite of mine almost from the second I first set eyes on it.
YOKOHAMA SHOPPING TRIP is such a story. Although relaxing, it is not mind candy, at least not your usual type. This manga will catch you by surprise.

For all Mushishi & Living Game lovers!

You can get it here: Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Vol 1-14 by YKK


Weekly Manga Update

9 11 2006

Bad Company Complete

D. Gray-Man ch 97 by Kira666

Lone Wolf & Club Complete

One Piece ch 434 by Emery

Pluto ch 36 RAW

Yakitate!! Japan ch 151-152 by SnoopyCool

Seikon no Keisa ch 1-3 RAW

Seto no Hanayome ch 1-12 by Anime Waves (Greatness approved by silverado!)

Verdant Lord Volume 1-5 RAW

Air Gear ch 97 by Sleeping Forest
Air Gear ch 146 RAW

Eyeshield 21 ch 209 RAW

Bleach ch 251 RAW
Bleach ch 251 by BleachBuzz
Bleach ch 251 by M7

D. Gray-Man ch 97 RAW

Full Metal Alchemist ch 65 RAW

Naruto ch 330 RAW
Naruto ch 330 MQ by NarutoBuzz

Me Teru no Kimochi ch 11 by Square Ocean
Me Teru no Kimochi ch 11 RAW

One Piece ch 434 RAW
One Piece ch 434 by Emery

yet the new manga week beginns

Lil Update (Manga)

4 10 2006

Well, well.
New Week new Mangas xD


Ares Volume 15-18 RAW Yeah it’s up!
Ares Volume 11-14 RAW

Bleach ch 246 by Bleachbuzz
Bleach ch 246 LQ RAW

D. Gray-Man ch 93 RAW

Digimortal by DotDotDot Oneshot (Rerelease)

Me-Teru no Kimochi ch 6 by Square Ocean

Naruto ch 326 by Narutobuzz

One Piece ch 430 LQ RAW
One Piece ch 430 by One Piece Buzz

Shigurui ch 1 by Kotonoha Ah finally someone has picked it up!