What are scanlations?

Scanlation are manga which have been scanned and translated by fans for fans. They are generally distributed for free via the Internet, either by direct download, BitTorrent or IRC.

What software should I use for reading manga?

Manga Underground recommends:

What are fansubs?

Fansubs are anime or movies which have been translated and subtitled by fans. They are mostly distributed through Bittorrent and IRC channels.

How can I download scanlations & fansubs?

You will find three download types on our site:
A) Direct download (ftp, http, free file hosting services or f.f.h.)
– Just click and download (for f.f.h. enter the image verification code)

B) Bittorrent (.torrent files)
– Open the .torrent file with a torrent client like uTorrent.

C) IRC downloads (consists of a download trigger and an irc room)
– Install mIRC and read this IRC tutorial


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27 07 2007

Great idea !!!

Mr Phil

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