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In a strange future where gifted, “hybrid” humans police the planet, Mina is a likable tomboy with growing psychic powers. When a young boy falls into a coma after gazing into her eyes, it’s clear that there’s more to Mina than her pretty looks. This young boy, Inchang, grows up to be quite a daredevil, and his awkward, secret love for Mina fuels his protective fire when mysterious men arrive, bringing the violence of the “hybrid” world with them!

Volume #01 – Hybrid
Chapter 01-07 – Torrent
Volume #02 – Angel Virus
Volume #03 – Guardian
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From Anime News Network

In the panic surrounding a worldwide pandemic which kills 15 percent of the population and cripples many more, a secret organization, the Propater, topples the UN and seizes control of much of the world. A boy and a girl, raised in an abandoned virology research center, immune to the virus, are attacked by the Propater and escape. 20 years later the boy is the most powerful drug lord in south america. He aids his son from behind the scenes as he evades and eventually with the help of mercenaries from Nomad (some of them former Propater operatives) fights the Propater.
Based strongly on Gnostic mythology, all major characters are named after gnostic deities, and have analogous roles.

Volume #1-12
Chapter 1-83 by Various – Torrent | Mirror 1
Volume #13
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Manager Nashizaki Tatsuya of the Pianissimo Club, wants to build the biggest hostess club in all of Japan; a club where men of all ages and nationalities would want to go. And, along with his big club, a huge event will take place, a contest for the number one hostess, with a prize of 100 million yen. Aya, a freshman, doesn’t like the idea of being a hostess, but she has to become one, due to a big debt her parents owe. Encouraged by a friend, she joins Pianissimo and, so, her life as a hostess begins.

Volume #01
Chapter 01
Chapter 02
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Omega Tribe Kingdom

Volume #01
Chapter 01
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Zombie Hunter

Unknown to the world aliens have begun to invade people’s bodies. A young race car pilot named Toshio was won by a mysterious organization for a “test” for money. That test turned out to be a hellish training to become a Zombie Hunter. However, Toshio decided to return to a normal life but soon face the harsh reality of a Zombie Hunter. Surrounded by shallow figures and aliens Toshio accepts his new life as a Zombie Hunter …

Volume #4
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Two young men vow to transform the destiny of Japan, by any means. As children, they survived the horrors of the Cambodian killing fields together. Now, can they topple the leaders of both the Japanese Parliament and the yakuza crime syndicate?
Although cold and calculating when need be, Hojo and Asami exemplify the traits their colleagues lack: loyalty to friends, compassion for the downtroden.. and an irresistible way with women.
Deputy Police Chief Ishihara sets out to expose their ingenious machinations, but instead falls helplessly in love with Hojo…

Volume #1
Volume #2
Volume #3
Volume #4
Volume #5
Volume #6
Volume #7

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17 responses

20 02 2007

I’d like to know how can I become a member but I can’t find any information about that on the website. Can you help me?


21 02 2007

hey i really want to know how to become a member too!! someone help mee!!!

21 02 2007

send us an email containing your exp with manga & anime series

25 02 2007

Hey… good job to you guyz for a past few years… really appreciated for helping people like me that always looking for updates to download (hahahaaa)!!! Anyway… if I’ve got some time to waste, I will help you guyz… Heheheee =_=

2 07 2007

added the recent releases!
As for XS ch 20+ we all are currently entangled with rl (esp. the translators) and a bit lazy, but don’t worry, I hope that we can release ch20 ~mid july and have vol3 finished by the end of july.

3 07 2007

Hey guys, i was just wondering where your “Manga Archive” disappeared?
Also, thanks for doiing a gr8 job 😉

3 07 2007

Yeah, I was wondering about the Manga Archive as well… Will it return? Or is it history? xD

Oh, and good job you guys, I have been a fan of this site for a year now xD But right now I’m a little disoriented, as in I am used to the Manga Archive button on top >.

5 07 2007

just a quick note, those blade of the immortal chapter 114 & 115 do not tie up with the rest of the chapters? is it cos they are translated from differing volumes? (i thought english & japanese volumes have different chapters in)
it seems to me they are actually like chapters 127&128 or there abouts.

anyway-i’m not trying to rant. i LOVE this site! roll on eden, claymore & BOTI next releases.
keep up the good work.


7 07 2007

hehe well, the american release them differently so they are 127&128 if you follow the scans from the american chapters, but in the original jap volumes they are chapter 114&115 so~ thats why on mangaupdates they are also named 127&128 🙂

20 08 2007

Zombie Hunter Love you guys for picking it up aaaa vol 04 really cool cant wait to find out what will hapen next

21 08 2007

great job with this site and omega tribe kingdom seems pretty interesting to me, release more soon!

7 09 2007

didn’t someone already translate the entire series of sanctuary?

13 11 2008

Wondering about Jouou if its droped or idle becuase been looking to read more of it, if you need help let me know please.

Been trying to find raws for it but no hope it seems so thought i would help instead if possible .

13 11 2008

Sorry seems its droped :(. soz for prev post. but if its possible to let me know where to find raws that would really be great of help .Thanks

24 12 2008

hi nagashi, im silverado admin of mu.

we moved our new site to feel free to visit us there.

31 01 2009

Please send us an email containing your exp with manga & anime series. Thanks!

10 11 2010
omar lucas torres

solo dire que me gusto mucho la pagina es la primera vez que los visito y me gusto mucho encontre muy buenas mangas, ya que es de lo que ando buscando pero manga y animes underground y auqi ya encontre como 6 que no conozco, eso es todo saludos!!!

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