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Dear Readers!

When MU was founded (09/05/2004) it was in order to provide you, readers, with many cool but unknown series. Our team spends a lot of time writing updates and tracking series. That’s our free service to all manga & anime fans! 🙂 We have also received a lot of comments and emails in the last three years! Your feedback is very appreciated! If you visit this site on a regurlar basis, but haven’t write a guestbook entry yet, feel free to do that anytime! If you want to become a blog author or just want to contact us, write us or mail us at


We also support scanlations and fansubs from small or unknown groups and encourage them to release their stuff on our site. Thank you for your support!


Arkaniet (raw & anime author)

Reading: Shin Angyo Onshi, Ares, Zetman, Berserk, Gantz, Mushishi, Claymore, Sweettt, Until Death do us part, Biomega, Inuyasha, NHK, Naruto, Me teru no kimochi etc etc

Watching: Kanon 2006, Pumpkin Scissors, Kiba, Busou Renkin, Hell Girl season 2, Tokyo Majin, Kekkaishi, Monster, Code Geass, Chevalier, Shippuuden, Bleach, Bakumatsu, D. Gray-Man, Kurau, Manabi Straight etc etc

Likes: watching/reading Mangas/Animes, Chatting, Downloading, feeding his rapid.com account xD Dislikes: Low Quality Videos, Uchiha Sasuke and a lot more

Browser: Opera 9.12

az060693 (manga author & scanlator)

Reading: Way too much manga. I’ll update my manga list soon.

Favorite Series (Anime and Manga): Last Exile, Kouhaku Dog’s, Pastel, Parallel, Dragon Eye, Santa, Shakugan no Shana, Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan, ALIVE, Yakitate! Japan, etc.

Watching: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Shakugan no Shana, Bakuretsu Tenshi, Grenadier, Karas, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

Likes: Random stuff, good mangas and animes, not having a life, fast computers and internet, being “potentially” racist, fast food, etc.

Dislikes: Slow releases, unfinished mangas by dead groups, spending money, C&D Orders, excessive work, shitty computers and slow internet, etc.

Browser: Firefox

ChokeOnTheFly (anime author)

Reading: My reading list

Watching: Nearly all the stuff I post and some stuff not worth mentioning 😉

Likes: Entertainment

Dislikes: Boredom

Browser: Opera 9.21

Invalent (manga author & scanlator)

Reading: My manga reading list

Watching: sola, Darker than Black, Seirei no Moribito, Seto no Hanayome, Romeo X Juliet, Speed Grapher, School Days, Nagasarete

Likes: no idea ._.

Dislikes: too many things

Browser:Firefox (is it now?XD)

Itachi (anime author)






Mr. Phil alias Philippe1403 (raw & manga author)

Reading: mostly Seinen…

Watching: when I have time…

Likes: peoples with brain, passion and a heart; supportive and generous behaviors; diving

Dislikes: Flaming on a forum for example, believing you have guts… (when it’s exactly the contrary ;-))

Browser: Firefox, but who cares ?

Crazyankan (manga author)

Reading: Manga from my 1000$+ collection.
Following: Berserk, Shin Angyo Onshi, Vinland Saga, GANTZ, Full Metal Alchemist, Battle Angel Alita, Claymore, Hajime No Ippo and like 20 others.

Watching: Pr0n and TV series(Entourage, Sopranos, South Park, Simpsons, Twin Peaks, Deadwood and some more)

Likes: Movies, Manga and Progressiv Rock.

Dislikes: Dodo birds, Norway and my work(making x-mas paper)

Country: Sweden

silverado (Webmaster of MU & jCafe)

Reading: 20th CB, Akumetsu, Ares, Blood Alone, Bokurano, Dragon Head, Eden, G Senjou Heavens Door, Hajime no Ippo, Hotman, Keishi Sokan Asami, Mushishi, Parasite Kiseijuu, Pluto, Pokemon Special, PositioN, REAL, Ravages of Time, Ryuuroden, Shin Angyo Onshi, School of Water Business, Yotsubato, Zetman

Watching: Seirei no Moribito, Moonlight Mile

Likes: Classic Music & TV (You should watch ROME & Blackadder!)

Dislikes: neo-liberalists & pseudo capitalists

Browser: Opera 9.01 & Firefox

Former Members: Thanks for your work! 🙂

– Jun author (Bulletin Update)

– Mr. Pippers author (Anime & Uploads)

– Saiko (Coder, Author, Uploader…)

– myClint author (RAW & Manga)

– Sw1tch author (RAW, Anime)

– Zookeeper (coder & OhGreat! fanboy)

– Reactive (manga author)

– Daryl (scanlator & occasional manga author/uploader)


5 responses

12 07 2007

Support those guys !!!

15 07 2007

this is an awesome site~ bsides the recommendations and reviews, i’ve discovered many non-mainstream manga here.. i was introduced to via MU and hv been checking back for updates on Mushishi & Addicted to Curry…

U guys totally rock, dig the simple yet effective site design as well* the clean and smooth interface makes it a snap to get around.. Keep up the good work!

18 07 2007

this site is one of the best manga sites out there
i use here, vnmanga & evil empire.net
anyone know when eden and claymore next chaps are out!? cant wait! ^__^
keep up the good work


23 08 2007

you guys do a perfect job 🙂
but it’s kinda hard to follow the updates… why not to put near the new stuff date and time of the upload it will make it much more easier to find new stuff on your site

anyway love ya all 😀

2 03 2009

I think the website is very interesting. The published comic is also good, many are not found elsewhere. How can I download the manga here?

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