Perfect Dark & Share

Want to become a raw hunter? Want to get the newest chaps BEFORE the scanlations are out?
Then learn more about Share EX2 and Perfect Dark:

Share EX2 Tutorial

Perfect Dark Tutorial

All links and hints become visible for after registration!



5 responses

15 07 2007

Thanks for the tut! πŸ˜€

The game with the same name is awesome πŸ˜›

hail to the laptopautocannon lamers πŸ˜›

16 07 2007

eh!! Thank you for the info, this is awesome!!

31 08 2007
r Fahmi m

better the translated ver… cause i can’t translate japaneese….

1 11 2008
The Off-topic thread. - Page 460 - StopTazmo Manga Community!

[…] two new translators on craigslist. I never thought of using this method before… And I installed Share EX2 to get my own raws now, but it doesn’t work out yet… I have to read through the tutorials if I […]

29 06 2009

Thank you for the info

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