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29 01 2007

Imperial Guards Volume 01-04 RAW provided by Spilt_Milk!

Knight Flags Artbook provided by Spilt_Milk! Thank ya!

AirGear v15 ch 127 by Sleeping-Forest
AirGear v15 ch 128
AirGear v15 ch 129

Shin Angyo Onshi v08 ch 16a by Sleeping-Forest

21st Century Boys 3 RAW

Ai Kora ch 38 by Musashi

Blue Dragon ch 7 by Asian-Jesus Scans

D.Gray-man ch 105 by Believe Manga Scans & Hanaji-scans

Hajime no Ippo Ch760 by Ignition One

Naruto ch 339 by Kokotas

Seikon No Qwaser ch01 by Plumcity

Unbalance X Unbalance v 04 ch 30 by KMTS

Until Death Do Us Part v 02 ch 09 by Bakafish

~Mr. Phil, Reactive, Senbonzakura~

*Hey, this is Reactive, I’m the new guy around here and I shall help MU in whatever way I can, wish me luck*




8 responses

31 01 2007
Mister Phil

Hi reactive,
Welcome on board…
And please, add your profile on our author page

Mr. Phil

1 02 2007

Hi, I’m the founder and owner of asian-jesus scans, did u like the blue dragon release? if u did, go to the site and register.

2 02 2007

who changed the pic?

3 02 2007

It’s a picture from the raw.

1 04 2007

can someone seed Imperial Guards, plz? m(__)m

1 04 2007

yeah, I might seed it in 1 hour

1 04 2007

Thank you!

18 04 2007

Thank You

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